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Vegas. It's the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro where celebrities and locals gather open. 24 7. It's true Vegas, baby since 1949. From the legendary bootlegger Italian bistro in Las Vegas thinks he's breaking bread with below here again from some liberty table. Food is dead, said his gas AM Dennis Bono and welcome back to breaking bread with Bono. In my special guest. Murray saw Chuck Murray the magician, and he's taking us on this wonderful humorist. Journey to be finally gets to Las Vegas and he's Murray, the magician, and you get a job at the frontier. Yes. And so you've reached. I mean is I looked it up. This is the pinnacle. Yes. The entertainment capital world reach Vegas and you're this is there's nowhere else to go. Yeah, it's a big deal. So but anyway, you end up in this production show. Yeah, well, I had my own sister. What happened is I mailed into these producers in l a somebody phone back and said, Let's we're gonna meet you. So I'm living in the land of the time I fly out and meet them and we're sitting there and runs a guy who liked me. Got your money, Johnny Carson. The way you do your jokes and that night and I just start doing jokes like that, man. You know, I was 28. I lied. So that comment told you that's right. Wait. Back drunk, Kelly said. Lucky entertainer Don't just be a magician. Does your funny I gotta know if I'm funny. I'm funny, Offstage, but on stays olden ball game, So I drive across Italy set up my show in a week and I opened at the frontier. And once you get I said I was ready. I was ready. Let's name this is a cruise ship is my thing I'm always like I always say yes. And I'm just women like mad. You. Yeah. You said that was that was important. Just say yes. Just say, figure it out after Yes, I still say that the young kids who want to start the business just say yes, but make sure that you're ready to swim a long ways to get to your goal because it's not easy. How do you go from a magician to an illusionist now to how do you get onto this? All of a sudden, because America's gonna fix the Taliban started talk about overnight. Yeah, I'll let you know that kind of visibility is unbelievable. So what happened is I started doing the show and I thought we were in Vegas is I've made it this is it didn't feel like I made it. But I was on the strip like she was right beside the right below. The margarita signed margaritas. I think we're like $15. My show's 12 95 I kid you not I have the photo. Honestly, I'm like, Well, you know you made when you said the margarita sign on the front you with Gillies Gillies is the big clubs. They're tricking. Really? Yeah. And I was made a joke. When I walked on the stage that's going Thank you very much as I changed my name to Gilly on. We have a nice marquee out there. That was my opening joke. Because he's bigger than my mind. You barely could find it. And so I saw this great show on TV. The time reality was coming reality TV and reality TV crap. You know, I really thought it was and I thought this will never last. Just like rap music we thought was in the last And I looked at this. There's a guy on American Idol like second season, their third or first name, William Hung any sung this song she bangs, she bangs, corpus horribles singer and horrible. It doesn't even a word, but the worst singer I ever heard in my life, but he became so famous. He was doing $30,000 corporate sing. She bangs, she bangs William Hung on reality TV s said. I've won 20 won awards. I'm the world champ. Magicians Point I've toured the world. I've been to Japan all over Europe. I've been on cruise ships for years. I've made some of them. But you don't do she banks. Your bank. Exactly. I know Now we do the bags back now. So so, Yes. So I thought, Well, this is amazing. Maybe I got a look in this reality thing. Well, the only reality show I could see the time that I could get on possibly was blind date. They've never had images were like the dating game. It is dating game but real time and you go this girl you never met. Some of the girls and they have these thought bubbles that pop above your head that a ridiculous of what you're thinking when it's not what you're thinking. And so I did that. So I pitched them saying I'd love to do the show on. I'd love to take my date to the Magic Castle. Holly looks they just started playing that and they brought me back When you know we've been trying to get in there for years. We can't get in. They will not allow it. So you have to be magicians right and you have to have a way in. So I wrote them saying, We're getting give you press on blind date in blind date was one the biggest Rating. Reality shows in history. It was crap TV, you know, but it was that thing at the time and American Idol just started. This goes back to your marketing. Yes. Oh, sure. I know what I was doing. I know the date. Couldn't I didn't want to be a girl. But you know, so we went on this date. The Magic Castle clears my castle, and they were thrilled. The production team was like, I can't believe we're doing a day at the Magic Castle. It's all of a sudden it's not this reality things not so backs. It aired and also deals starting to see me. Then I started listing for Reno 911 on comedy Central. I got that show on Then I'll sort Of course I started vision for a G T. And finally he came around, and I thought, you know, I gotta start doing reality thing because this is where exposure? Who cares how many awards I have. It doesn't matter because the exposure is going to get on television. Ridiculous. And I thought I don't know how to get things I I mean, That's incredible days. The producer Johnny Carson, I'm not good enough to get Johnny Carson. How do I? How do I get in the damn tube? Without being, you know s Oh, I am. So I started applying every reality show on TV. And to this day I've done over 25 reality shows the leader Don t done everything except survivor and a couple amazing raising. And I've done everything because I realized I look ridiculous with the messed up here in the glasses. That was my branding. Yeah. If you see me at home, I'm ripped jeans with John Deere hat fixing my old cars. That's what I just really who I am. But I realized need to create a persona like Phyllis Diller. Like Joan Rivers like character. Unique, you, Howard Stern, Unique stamp. Yes. I wanted to start looking at that and started branding myself to look like a celebrity. Even though I was just trying to learn how to become one if I was ever gonna, because you do you do, you know, did become one. Obviously, you made it and act in this town. This town gets into your bloodstream hurt us once it gets into your bloodstream. I don't believe the drug. It's it is now being the entertainment capital of the world is going through the worst time because of the pandemic. Took over 19 and entertainers or sort of bottom of the totem pole. Unfortunately, where do you see this going? How do you? How are you dealing with this as a zoo performer as an artist? And where do you see what? What's your outlook on the future? Sure. Well, you know you love this town since 2002 even here even longer, you know? You have a success. I played planet Hollywood to Tropicana. I've been on more reality shows and I need to be on. You know what a GT 22 million people over tonight so you can't buy that You can't buy that. And so you have all the success. You're going to 2020 right? And I'm now Tropicana and literally When this thing happened, I had two shows in Las Vegas Strip. This is unheard of. It's hard enough to have one on my girlfriend. Who's Danny? She's the host of Crazy girl. Right? PH. I have my short Tropicana and now I just got hired by need a man to be the guest comedian comedian now believe or not, after all those years trying to be funny. In a fantasy, which that show's been around since 20 years. Been here, 20th So great talent is about you. And before the whole world felt, which is what? Molly Brown march. 15th. Lisa felt for me. Then I was sitting having a glass of wine, My my girlfriend on the back part of her house, and I said, This is unbelievable. Said this will never happen again. Your host of crazy girls, one long running bless shows in America at pH..

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