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Jerusalem tel aviv what can you tell us about this event and where we are now in in this exchange of gunfire and the concern by ronen bergman and others that were looking towards a rising to a warfare status between syria the elements in syria and israel good evening to you i mean i almost don't even know where to go whether a word um to the idea on high alert uh to israel preparing for any eventuality but also for very troubling continued iranian encroachment inside syria or even just going back well just looking at the details on saturday and dissecting some of them are pretty critical um whether it's just eaten roane alone um the uh since it all drawn us or if you wanted to seventy that was uh it it seems do it it seems to resemble the aircraft the drum that can add infiltrated israel is the airspace for about a minute a minute and a half before israel shut down on just the fact that israel was able to detect the drone obviously shows israeli military superiority uh book clearly the fact that this was only end israeli sb were but a bit out two minutes before it was shot down shows the extent of israel's intelligence capability meaning they had to have known that the drone took off uh probably the about forty minutes before uh and probably will watching that thrown from the minute it took off and even perhaps plans before it took off uh ed and clearly they dispatched the aircraft to intercept the drum before it entered israeli airspace plus i iran ah really carried out this believes in move they had two of them um testing israel's defenses uh and also i think that they really the iranians kind of under estimated of their own uh capabilities is to believe that they could infiltrate israeli airspace uh i'm detected it when people talk about a drawn coming into israel we need to put that in the context that is an act of war this is very significant uh iran has an extensive one production facility and uh drawn manufacturing infrastructure uh and.

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