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For new buildings downtown. I the city hasn't been up to the new state standards for how many units building owners can create on a given property in the council has voted unanimously to move ahead with plans that would allow developers to double the number of market rate units allowed if they build enough affordable housing says Santa Rosa supervising planner. Jessica Jones, really what this ordinances trying to do is to. Be part of the broader citywide effort to address the housing issues and the council's housing goals. She says the density changes would be coming to downtown near transit with the idea of reducing sprawl and making the now sleepy downtown area. More vibrant that was the goal that started before thousands of people lost their homes in the fall of twenty seventeen. Now, it takes on more urgency council member, Julie combs, this density. Bonus ordinance update is a key. Need to key goal. That are council has had in stimulating housing in Santa Rosa. This is this is a major piece of that. The city is also voted to reduce fees for new buildings and expedited processing for some residential developments. Megan gold, speak KCBS, new team overnight workers is trying to help homeless people who end up sleeping on Bart trains or in stations because they have nowhere else to go. Bart spokesperson Alicia tros telling KPI x five team is based in contra Costa county, and is especially focused on the end of the line stations in Richmond and Antioch. They're working with the Bart..

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