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If you're a fight fan he's always coming forward he never takes a step back and he's only looking to put somebody in a body bag he's look into bomb guys out every single time he's not a defensive fighter interested only and self preservation and try not to get hit he's the most terrifying power puncher in the game and he has been for a long long time and he knows and to me this is huge triple gene knows this is the best chance he's ever going to have to become a household name because his great is he is he's not that his best chance to reach critical mass as opposed to only gain the respect of hardcore fight fans he knows what's at stake and he's going to try to do what are you always does headhunt the problem is it took so long to get this fight made safe to say he made upi the same guy he was when it first came up in fact i don't think he is dangerous still yet he could win that fight you can even went in spectacular fashion but i'm a state aids 35 triple g is not the same fighter that he was when they first started talking about this fight and i don't think that's a coincidence either as an example how long did mayweather put off fighting packie yell long enough to by the time they finally did get in the ring packie out was not nearly the terror that he had been previously and i don't think that's coincidence that smart triple g in fact we have you believe that the only reason this fight actually did get made finally was because he did knockout danny jacobs and that when it didn't happen it appeared that caloric gin had lost something and only then did can nelo and his promoter oscar de la hoya rushing to make this fight again frustrating his head for fight fans who been waiting for this fight but smart of condello in deylaud hoyer because the fact is whereas triple g was not what he was when they first started talking about this fight neither was kanalelo but canellas better he probably was not ready for that fight back then but he is now in while he's not going to stand directly in front of you looking to land the kind of haymakers deck a love can would he's not.

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