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Towel pears pears. Right it was it was it was awful. Everybody in dc hates white people. Just you know in dc needs statehood. That's what these easy need statehood and it needs to be easy to vote. It is easy to vote in dc. Now i wanted to talk briefly about you. Know that justice for j six that Rally that was this past weekend. You know nobody knew what it was going to be like a who is going to show up. It was billed as a protest for defendants being detained. In connection with the january insurrection at the capital there's been over six hundred people that have been federally charged so these are the far right groups that promoted the january six rally and a lot of security precautions. Were put in place a lot of law enforcement. And i am really glad that they made the preparations that they did. But it was know. Tots compares to the organizers because only about four hundred fifty people turned out and i think it goes to show how important it is to have facebook take a stand on this facebook with shutting down groups that were trying to organize for this but they didn't do that for the january sixth rice. They didn't do that when right wingers were trying to come to seattle last summer and so but facebook put a hard line in and i think it helped also helped that people. Are you know either on event or at home sick with covert and they can't come out to this either right or on a no fly list because they won't wear a mask on the flip on the plane. Yeah so tat's impairs. Do we go to good vibes. Sure good vibes is really really tough this week. But i felt that it was really important to talk about the senate hearing last week that The gymnasts who were abused by larry nassar testified at it was a simone biles. Michaela moroni maggie nicols in allie razman. They explained in great detail how they attempted to report their abuser to law enforcement only to be dismissed overlooked and ultimately factually misrepresented in writing which was inferior rating and incredibly difficult to watch. And listen to but the good vibes. Part of this goes out to the women that provided their personal stories at great personal sacrifice in the hopes of affecting real change so good vibes all is horrible. I can't remember. Who is simone biles. Or allie reisman. Who said that. She went into great detail about what happened in it and she finished and she was upset. And the fbi agent.

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