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Petition here at five. Oh, three. And we have major weather changes on the way more on that, traffic and weather and five minutes, sixty two degrees on this Wednesday afternoon. And I'm Chris summer. Breaking news now NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Officials at UT Dallas now say a student who's been the target of an online petition will not be back on campus. KRLD? Stephen Pickering joins us live with the late. Breaking details. Stephen Walker UT Dallas student Kelsey Casto started this petition on move on dot ORG. She was asking the school to remove fellow student. Jacob anderson. Literally. Hey, you know, this is not right and done show. We're not alone in thinking this what just start this and see where it goes Anderson had previously tended Baylor University, but left that school after sexual assault allegations. He reached a plea deal this week on a lesser charge of unlawful restraint will not have to register as a sex offender Casto said she and other students did didn't want someone they considered to be a predator on their campus. Now, the president of UT Dallas has issued a statement saying that Anderson will not participate in graduation activities next week. He will not be present on campus, and he will not attend graduate school at UTD reporting. Live Stephen Pickering, NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Stephen. Thank you, a bald springs mom, offering her thanks after police officers. Help firefighters rescue her ten year old son from a second story window during an apartment fire and Radic rescue was captured on the officer's body camera. Lobster Corey Jones through his.

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