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W. D. Governor Rhonda Sattar says as hospitals fill up, There are other options for patients who are positive but don't necessarily need intensive care. When South Florida you now have the Miami care Center, you have a facility and Broward that's co bit only and then you have to in Palm Beach County that Air Cove it only so that's a pretty significant number of beds. Dissenter says these facilities will free up I see you beds tonight. There are 213,794 confirmed cases of covert. 18 in the States, 16,425 Hospitalizations While Corona virus cases climb in Florida. There are more questions about contact tracing efforts in the state. Questions about contact tracing intensified after a South Florida lawmakers said he wasn't interviewed after he tested positive. Governor Rhonda Santa says he's authorized millions to hire tracers. You know, when you have a lot of these asymptomatic 20 year olds, there's not a lot of contact tracing. That's being effective with them because they haven't been is cooperative. Doing it. Miami Dade's mayor blamed the state for holding up hiring making foreign awkward moment at their press conference. Some guidelines show Florida should have 6500 tracers, but it has nowhere near that number. I'm Rory O'Neill. President Trump is planning to visit South Florida Friday, planning to meet with military officials at the US Southern Command in Doral to discuss drug trafficking in South America that, according to CNN, the visit may result in an executive order on immigration as White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said the president plans to Discuss issues as they relate to immigration. Florida State University is taking steps to address concerns about race on campus F issue President John Thrasher says he's going to form a task force on racism and equality, He says members of the task force will explore the school's history with race and will implement initiatives to support diversity with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. Are you interested in learning how to turn dirt into gold Heimer Mondo Montelongo eighties Original House Flipper, and Over the last 10 years, I've used my unique talent.

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