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Marina Rock, Inger These headlines President Trump reportedly considering cutting troops in South Korea. The Wall Street Journal says Trump wants more money from South Korea to keep the 28,000 plus soldiers there is already cutting forces in Germany. Charging documents filed in the fatal shooting of bottle. Police officer Jonathan Shoop say it was the officer's partner, not the suspect who fired the deadly shot. Prosecutors charged Henry Washington with aggravated first degree murder today, alleging he fired into the patrol car. Shoop and his partner returned fire in one of the bullets accidentally hit the officer striking Shoup, our camo news time now for 46. Did you see an odd tweet from a high profile person recently something maybe from former President Barack Obama or it was something to do with Bitcoin? Well, it all happened, of course, is we've been reporting on Twitter and was more than just a few profiles getting hacked. It has larger implications now for the company. Reporting on this in the Washington Post is Rachel Lurman, who talked about it with comas. Tom Hubler. How many resources air going into this Twitter investigation? Understand? It goes well beyond an internal company matter. That's right. Yeah, actually, we're seeing quite a few resources go into this. The FBI announced yesterday that they're going to be investigating this. Several lawmakers are also calling for their own investigations were seeing the state of New York look into it. It's become quite a detailed process isn't clear why this took so long for Twitter to fix the hack as it was happening, so it's interesting. Basically what we know that happened is someone these hackers got. Ahold of some Twitter employee's credentials were not sure if they said them a fake email or if they somehow managed to bribe or blackmail Twitter employees. We don't know that yet, but they've got a lot of these Twitter credentials, and they were able to get into the company's internal systems and take over several of these high profile accounts. And it took Twitter quite a few hours to get to get control of those back and they ended up. She is shutting off Verified tweets for a couple hours on Wednesday, and stomach is some account holder's actually got locked out until this morning. Do we know anything about the motive of the hackers? Is there any association, perhaps with a foreign government, as some have speculated. So we haven't seen that so far and the FBI said, although they haven't said much, they said that they does appear to be just a fraud related scheme into the hackers were just trying to get Bitcoin money through Bitcoin. But we don't know that yet The investigations are still ongoing, and it is possible that the hackers had access to some of these high profile people, public messages, private messages and some of these CMEs that they were sending to other people. The cyber security experts are saying we're actually kind of lucky here that it wasn't somebody trying to get ahold of you. No more private government information. I mean, they were trying to get Bitcoin, but we could have seen this used for mass destruction. I was going to ask what what kind of long term fallout could we be talking about here? Yeah, the hell with Twitter is that it's become such an important platform of politicians and other world leaders to use And the media are on there all the time, you know, and they trust the tweets that comes from these verified accounts. And so if somebody else was Impersonating them, we could see some really important people tweeting out things that could cause Political issues. Very interesting reports that the Washington post dot com Thanks for being with us, Rachel Rachel Lurman, You can read all about it. Washingtonpost dot com. Thank you time. The interview with therewith Cuomo's Tom Hudler and just ahead of our money update. It's time once again for today's afternoon sound by schools must Underscore must provide meaningful instruction during this pandemic, whether they are physically opened the schools or not, That is California Governor Gavin Newsom saying today, schools in the 32 counties on the state's watch list due to Cove in 19 infection rates will not be re opening in the fall. Red flag. Mom guessed its and gets a $25 lunchbox Laboratory gift card. Listen for the Co Moh afternoon Sound by weekday afternoons at 4 40 right here on Co Moh news. Time for an update on money happenings, your couple propel insurance Money Update and Jim Ceausescu a mixed performance for US stocks today, The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 62 points, but the S and P 500 edged up nine while the NASDAQ composite rose 29. Amid recent spikes in Corona virus cases around the country. We're feeling more pessimistic about things. The initial July.

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