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Always be like this and it's like it's your tracker so I never lose you my little butterfly I think I saw a black mere episode on that I just I don't feel comfortable with that I wouldn't you your your well yeah I mean but this you were born soon enough he didn't get it in your your wife's going to disagree with you I I I like she's she's not immune to tell you you're gonna be like what's the spot but essentially so don't worry about it put a tracker on me without me knowing now that she's fine my friends man she's already got a lot yeah and with that what we actually do have you share your your location yeah it's got me in trouble I tried though that iser and she's found out booth there be careful turn it off next time and with that what we can't turn off that traffic report we gotta go direct to you on those roadway trying to get you to work the right one with the right way and traffic every year state fair cal climbs the stairs of the John Hancock center in Chicago ninety four floors to the top it's called the hustle of the Hancock it's hard to believe when you watch the today that a few years ago his lungs were failing and he was fighting to survive for eight hours a day someone was pounding in my chest trying to keep my lungs clear I honestly don't think I had more than a couple weeks to live that's when Steve receive the gift of life a double lung transplant made possible by an organ donor after I got my new roles I started doing things that I had never been able to do I never knew that even could feel this good steep climbs to honor his donor and to raise awareness for organ I and tissue donation wouldn't you like that when you left this beautiful planet you could save a few lives on your way out it's an incredible gift.

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