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I just. This. I'm sorry. Nothing. Nothing happening, Nicole. Y'all y'all sick, y'all. I didn't say anything, Nicole. How are you? Fantastic. Tell tell us. What is what is what is it? Weird way in which you eat something. Tonight. And sometimes the napkins a whole chicken wing while trying to so it's to tech towel for you. Then you don't want. You don't want to get all over your hands. In my nail. Never never never fully comes out like skeins or something in there. I don't know what it does ways with four connive. That's gotta be hard to do. And the other thing I've noticed about eating chicken wings. I know like some people can eat chicken wing, and all that's left is like a dry bones me at the end stone able to accomplish that. I don't know how you do that on it. You just you just pull it out. Like, you bike never comes off that clean. I don't. I don't know. Why nicole? Thank you have a great day. Glad you called four connive chicken wing, which the boneless. Well, nicole. Hi, nicole. Hey what good morning? Glad you called. What's sort of strange way that you eat something. One of my favorite foods. But what I do is. I take off all of the toppings all the cheese or the the side like the rest of the top is back on my feet. Wait. What did you just get like cheese pizza then? When you do that actually fakes thoughts, and it makes the incident. Dry dry interesting. So the cheese ads like the oil and kind of protects the sauce. But then you don't wanna eat it. Girl, you missing. Yeah. It's a double cheese. Okay. Thank you to call. That is indeed weird. How good day? Shimoni high. Hey, what's going on the weird way that you eat something guard dead? So the only way to guard that owes eat the right ships, and then all the the crackers and all I gotta save the pretzels for less. The best part. The only way right? The best part. In the end. Always save the pretzels for the end since I was little. Right now. There the best. I would eat them. I I would pick them out. I love the pretzels. So. Crunch berries. All eat all the captain crunch part. I leave all the berries for the end because then they're not like they've been in the milk. I don't care. I'm Shimoni naive. Pretzels. I don't care about you crunch berries. Glad you called. Hey, alex. Hey, Friday morning. Good morning. Welcome to the show. What is how the weird way that you eat something. I'm at farewell. This is what's more adding to what you say about a burger, but I just eat around the edges and make my way of many to battle as everything. Every now let me ask you guys this Alex everybody, do you do you realize as do I win the best bytes about to happen? Like, I know in. This part of the sandwich of this part of the burger this part, whatever meeting this right here is going to be the best part of the meal. And usually it's the middle of something or like, you just know like the middle of the sandwich when you get everything in one bites. You know, at that moment like this is the pinnacle of my meal right now. He had to think in the moment. My wife. Goodbye. Last one. Feel normal some come to work it out. People. Do I love it. Glad you call. Hey, good morning. Sarah. Of the weird way that you eat something. Let's hear it. I like to eat not like Nicole because I like the cheese and the best part of it for last. So I eat the cross, and then I eat all the toppings nineteenth. And then I finished the team. Well, how do you hold the pizza crust is gone? Fort. Okay. Oh, wow. All right. The best part. You gotta save it for your frigging weird. Okay. Thank you, Sarah. Day. Jessica. Jessica you eat pizza weird as well. What do you do? I wanted to say when you talking about favorite bites. I was literally Salvi because I love the favorite. Oh, yeah. I like for me on the pizza usually it's like when there's crust in a little bit of sauce part left. And then like some of the cheese like that that to me with the crust. That's the best buy pizza. All the time. I always get made fun of because I it with tonight. Everytime. I never. Freaking out. Even I always. Sakarov style. I get it. Because. Every type thing. Fork you wear girl. Thank you. Jessica. Have a good day. No, like, if I go to Donald's or whatever Luma's at that with a fork and knife because it's a you have to you have to Chicago in, and I'm calling it a casserole because it is, but haven Esa. Let's hear about this Vanessa the weird way that you eat something. What is it? I scream and crushed Doritos. Ice cream and Doritos gather, the original Nacho cheese, and whatever. Preferrably cookies and cream ice cream with flaming to read as crush this possible. It just makes them. Girl. That's scary. Wow. Okay. Wow. You a serial killer. No, not publicly. Thank you. Entered cookies and cream. I sounds. I've heard about like vanilla ice cream, and like something like pretzels or something that has soul we heard of that. But that's now. Hey, justin. Good morning. Hey morning. Will you eat something weird? What is it really not even eating the way during God got a hold my hand back. I'm getting a waterfall. Somebody is like I'm doing, you know, a beer know. You go is that where I'm not sure I'm clear on this one more time. So you your head is all the way back and trying to get why did the number of what is the number of swallows matter. Actually, you're right. I got burnt. So we got a little affective area around my neck on my head back. Then. Five. Interesting. Okay. OCD thing. Yeah. I don't I don't I don't know. If let me try it. Hold on. All the way of water. Here you go all the way show all the way back on the water on my face.

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