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Racing Commission, calling for his suspension from any involvement. With Kentucky horse racing until he can prove that his daughter who many believe is being held against her will is safe and free. Now that it's not to bring Any kind of, um, bad juju on Brad cocks in the sense of quality and everything else, But this is a something that we'll see how this develops through the next 24 48 hours. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Says that they received a complaint. Against the shake April 28 to 2021 in consultation with counseling. According to Kentucky regulations. The cage RCs in terms of complaints, not articulated by Les should Kjar C regulations basically. His daughter. Was seen, according to international human rights activists. He's holding his daughter shakeout, Latifah bent Mohammed al Maktoum prisoner after she tried to leave the by against his wishes. On? I don't know. All the details of this she was seen in a She's the princess, One of the Princess Princess says she was seen on the video this you're asking for help promoting a panel of United Nations human rights experts. Call for independent verification of the conditions under which he is being held and for her immediate release, anyway. It's a complicated story and You know, just given the things that the texture that we've seen going on with Major League baseball, changing with the All Star venue, Of course, we've seen other the MBA, etcetera, etcetera. Over the last season and this season with black lives matter and another social type issues where you think this is gonna go if anywhere right now. I don't know that it would be decided immediately. I am I imagine that they would like it to be resolved before tomorrow evening. But the other thing to look at and I don't know The particulars of it is Sometimes when we say a horse is owned by Sheikh of a country or Crown Prince, whatever the case may be. It may be their name on the paper. But when you get down into the legalese, it's a holding company and things like that to handle it and provides kind of a little buffer. In case there is something that goes sideways legally right, so it may not be Something that the Crown prince actually owns with Sheikh actually owns so that maybe if it gets to that point that maybe their arguments now I don't know what the case is particularly with this horse. But that It kind of an international LLC sort of thing. Well, this gives it a much bigger issue not only with here with horse racing, but you know, child labor laws, child labor being used for all kinds of things that people don't have any idea. The materials that they use or by on on a daily regular basis. But if this is gonna be The new America. Uh then there's gonna be a lot of companies that are going to be looked at. For different types of what I put air quote human rights. Situations or human rights violations. If you will. I'm not taking a side on it. It's just We've never seen anything like this before. And now we're hearing it here at Churchill Downs. Or I should say this week.

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