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Series might be flipping. And as it turned out, both of them were blowouts. It's just really hard to bid against Luca. That's a thing like if you had a lot of money on the suns tonight, if you're rooting for the suns in its 1610 Mavs and Luca's winking at people in the front row, you're just going, oh no. Oh God, but it doesn't what you said about the talent difference. You definitely feel it when they're down. You don't feel when they're home, but you feel it when they fall behind by 8 ten and then all of a sudden it just seems it's a little like what is happening Milwaukee if you take out Giannis and all of a sudden it's like pack on it and trying to beat people off the dribble and things like that. Yeah, it's the level of versatility in the role players. Talk about the bridges. When you see them get to the lane, pull up 8 foot or make a pass off a drive. It's like, none of the Mavs role players could do that. They're all in such little specialized compartments. And Milwaukee is the same kind of thing as like, these guys can only do one or two things. I talked about the telecast when Bullock or maxi or Finney Smith puts the ball on the ground. You're not sure what's going to happen. It doesn't happen very often. And so it's like, yeah, there's everything has to be going so well, whereas Phoenix bridges especially is a versatile play with a lot of dimensions to his game. And even 8. Yeah, true. The thing with when I think about this stuff with the role guys, that was why I was thinking that 2018 rockets team was a little similar to the 2022 maps. Where it was like, that what the planet is Luca or hardened in 2018. And then you have the second kind of playmaker guy who on that rockets team was Chris Paul and on this team is Brunson. And then all of these guys who basically have to feed off the planets, right? And they kind of can't sustain anything. Eric Gordon could create a little bit on that rockets team or more than a little bit. And I think Dinwiddie was supposed to be that guy for the Mavericks. But I don't know what happened. What happened to regular season didn't with these? He just gone? Yeah, he's been tough pretty much the whole playoffs. He's really not, I mean, it's obviously it is hard with how much Luca dribbles sometimes for other ball handlers. He's just not been good. And this funny you mentioned the rockets because I was thinking about that when we're talking about turning off the role players. And it needs like high level series, that's often the adjustment. I remember what the warriors and the rockets were like, these guys can't beat us. If we stay on our men, it's just hard and Paul, we're going to win that matchup. We have more stars than that. We're just not going to let you don't want to let the top players get the points and the assists. You can turn off one of the two. It's a huge advantage in a series like this, for sure. Our friend Harald bob had a thing about the possession length that Phoenix is basically taking 19 seconds for a make. They're really like, there's a deliberate deliberateness to them. And a miss was 14.1 seconds. Dallas, make was 15.8 seconds. And amiss was 11.5 seconds for them. So they're trying to play a little bit faster. And you saw it too in the Dallas games. When Phoenix is missing shots, the Mavs can run and get like an open three really fast, early in the clock. And they'll just show us the Phoenix making shots, the house can get those shots of transition. It's hard for the rollbacks. So Dallas, do you have them below Milwaukee? If you're just talking about, we're just ranking all these teams, right? I think the Boston Milwaukee Phoenix, I think would be the three. And then Golden State is kind of right there. I think Dallas would you have them below Golden State right now? Yeah, I mean, Malone Milwaukee, for sure, and walk he's got the best player in the game. So you'd have them probably 5. Would you have them above Memphis right now? Well, I guess without job obviously, I tend to change this thing. I mean, Dallas for sure is I always say as the least overall talent of any of these teams left. They've got one exceptional player and a bunch of guys and roles. I don't think it's very comparable to talent level. They have compared to any of the other teams. What would happen to game 6? I have a feeling they went. It's just so it feels like a 7 gamer to me. I mean, I think they've got a chance for sure. The way the crowd gets into it, and then Brunson's playing better and better. And I think there's a couple more justice in maths can make. Number one, Dwight Powell's got to go. They've been playing them for like 8, 9 minutes, and they're getting absolutely killed in those minutes. I may find the number for you. I was laughing about this. Oh, it's like in the -30 range something for the minus again today. And like 30 minutes. It's like every game they're getting absolutely killed in those first 8 minutes. And that's an easy adjustment. It's game 6. He probably shouldn't be playing at all. And I wasn't part of that, just trying to figure out how much you can do with cleaver. Keeping him on the court with the foul trouble and all that stuff. What's the maximum? Somewhere between 30 and 33? Probably, yeah. You're trying to limit max using minutes. But it's like, all right, it's game 6 door died as roll with ice on it. And it's like, okay, we've played Powell as long as we can. He's got to go. And I think we're really digging deep right now. But they're going to need like 5 Frank Miller keynote actually play well. They just need one action. Wow. I'm taking deep fried now. What a moment for our Knicks fan Friends. Frankie nicotine might have a chance to impact the series. The crazy thing kos kept all his stock. He's still only 23, which I think is bonkers. I mean, like he's like 30. He's 23. He wasn't, I think it was the same draft. He was the same graph theory before Luke. I mean, he's had some moments in the regular season. He is, yeah. I always kind of was like hoping he could be like the Alex Caruso, like that kind of player next to Luca. And he's like, he theorized, it's just like purely on theory. He theoretically gives you that versatility we're talking about. We're like, okay, he can defend, maybe shoot. Maybe we could dribble a little bit. You need that extra you need some more juice. You need a guard and give you extra juice. I love to see more Luca Brunson Dinwiddie lineups go even smaller..

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