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Whiskey with natural flavors thirty five percent alcohol by volume. Dave Rogers thank you so much. We are so delighted to see you. I'm so excited to see you guys. It's been a little while feel like I just saw you yesterday I watched the show constantly and I've spent probably more time watching you guys than anybody else in the universe. Way Dave you still watch the show even though you edited the show and had to watch the show in great detail for like ten years of your life you can still stomach watching it. Yeah, there's still a long. I watch a lot of indication because it's on. Like I don't seek it out but like you know even when you're scrolling the guide on your TV, it's like Oh office I clip to see what episode it is in inevitably just get sucked in. It's amazing though have so many kids watch the show. Now my nephews are tended eight and and they watch the show they love it and they came to visit the set. They have no recollection visiting the set or anything I'm like I have pictures of you guys. I had to throw you off the set. You were running around and diving on the floor. You know Dave I stole the show Bible when the show wrapped but I think you are walking show Bible I think you. Are The show Bible in human form. I don't think there's anyone who knows more about the details of our show than you. So we're really excited you're here that's a lot of pressure I gotta say at one point I know the show better than anybody but it's been a few years I. See I see now like Trivia questions and just what fans right and I'm like Oh God Yeah I. Don't remember that I've been check on that and stuff like that. Well, the fans are super excited. You're here Dave and they send in tons and tons of questions for you and we cannot wait to just dive into it I'm excited. Should we do a deep dive with Dave Rodgers Deep We'll the first thing we always like to ask people how did they come to get their job on the office? Worked as an assistant editor in television for longtime I started on Seinfeld and then after that, I did a show called the newsradio No newsradio eleven newsradio. I. Cut the clip show first Seinfeld. So have you ever watched the hour long clip show that aired right before the series finale that was my first solo editing credit than it. newsradio is an assistant editor but I started editing as well. But the line producer was a man by the name of Kent Zoo born, AC? Yeah. So Kent was Kent. Was Line producer in we always stayed in touch in worked on other projects with him, and then at some point I I was back at Seinfeld I was working on all the extras for the DVD's can send me an email to hey, I've got a series for you. Take a look. Here's the pilot I. Think it'd be a good fit. The show rumor Greg Daniels to sit okay I watched the pilot and I was like and I hadn't seen the British version of the show I hadn't. I hadn't watched the British version or anything like that I was coming in completely fresh and I watched the pilot and I was like my God just the way his relationship was so cringe. Just relationship especially with with the you. At the beginning with the messages and and. Just the way he would, he would talk to you and everything like that. Now, we can turn on a dime. You're like, you know just even in that seed with the with the salary. Yeah. We could all use a raise and he's like not today Pam, not today and. I just. I was like Oh my God. So I met with Greg I think I met him at the set. You know I think they were writing their offices there. So I was the original building down down off Las Vegas, Jefferson is the season one location. Yeah. Yeah. We just we just sat outside and talk to just about our philosophies. Greg is philosophies on editing in shows and things like that and. I just think I really understood the characters right away. I said I could see Dwight having a battle, start the lactic of Viper on his desk like Star Trek was to mainstream and cool for. Dwight. Like we were you did you plant the C for Battle Star Galactica for Dwight as a character I do take that I have been credited with. Oh my gosh, and then at about the time like season one. Season Two I think the new GALACTICA had started airing. So that's that's really kind of you know came together. You know the final episode that I directed the penultimate episode Dwight Hangs Eight galactica model in his. In his office and he even says things about a little Philip. He's like he looks at the Galactic of the same way I do and you know it's great it just all kind of came together. Then I got to got to deal with battle star. GALACTICA. Well, this is a deep dive. Man I didn't even know there was an old versus new, Galactica. Loop I am disappointed in owner I'm release a day. Right now oh, my God I was just GonNa say so I met with Greg and that was it. We just we just hit it off and he's like all right come on board. So that was it and then I started. My first day. There was the first day of shooting diversity day and. That was it I started editing on diversity day and I tweaked the pilot a little bit but it was. Katherine him off who who edited the pilot and she did she did an amazing job on that and so I I just came We changed a couple things for for broadcast very slightly, but I started from from a diversity day to the finale. Okay well, listen a lot of fans wanted to know about your process date like when you sit down to start editing an episode. What's the first thing you do when? Like when you get all of the footage from an episode? How many hours of footage do you get? How do you organize the footage I? Mean how do you begin to build an episode? There's a couple of different ways that. I would you know start? Attacking. As. We would say one wasted to just start watching dailies just start watching the footage and. I'll just watch takes and I I may write down notes and sometimes I'll just you know just scribble little things like, oh, I like this pam reaction are all this was great. You know we got the shot on on Angela or Kevin or you know whatever was And then other times I like as I'm watching if I see something like that, take a Lotta time takes a few takes to really get in but sometimes you know you get that magic I take two little face but then I'll just throw it into the the the time line and I'll I'll lay it in and then it's a question of like, okay. What beats this what what part is better because you can lay in a whole take all right now I'm GonNa, take it even line by line and just see what beats this. What's you know is there any takes better better? and. Then you're you're looking for reactions in your looking for even all to jokes, things like that. But a lot of times you know there's a natural flow to a take. So you you get it. You you lay it in you know large portions we don't cross takes. It's just like Oh this is it there they hit in their rolling you know and sometimes. You know some of the things we would do is a you know if there's a reaction that slow or something like that on you know we're one angled and we go to the other we can pull pull stuff up or or if there was a pause in dialogue I, can come to a reaction and I can bring the audio in a little earlier just. To pace things up a little bit but but overall, just you know just looking what are the what's the best hake? What's funny? What makes me laugh and that's you know that's what I go with I remember being on set in we would take that felt fantastic like we were in the groove and then and then whoever the director was or would say. Oh circle that one VEDA. So you would get those from. Beta right like you would get all of those documents like this was Greg's favourite take of the.

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