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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning Mike will be back on Monday the mayor of Dallas is not on board with the police chiefs planned to reduce violent crime in Dallas yesterday Dallas chief of police Renee hall released the new plan which seeks to reduce murder and aggravated assault among other violent crimes I like that and it's not something that's gonna be set in stone that it could be revisited and change Alex bureau was a professor of criminology at UT Dallas he says there are positive aspects of the plan others aren't as excited about it including mayor Eric Johnson in a statement the mayor says the plan is not ambitious enough and lacks detailed solutions and time lines Johnson says he wants to see crime rates down to historic lows city wide in that he looks forward to speaking with the city council about its concerns last night Dallas all right second murder of the new year police say a man was killed during a robbery on concerto lane Bailey Friday news radio ten eighty KRLD the funeral has been set for the second person gunned down and killed at a church in white settlement last weekend care all these Allen sky has the update the gunmen killed two people during last Sunday service at west freeway church of Christ before security shot and killed him one of the victims a member of the volunteer security staff governor Greg Abbott attended the funeral for Richard white yesterday we're here today to celebrate a remarkable life he says he's proud white stood up to defend his fellow Texans people should not be afraid of places to worship now the family of Tony Wallis has set up his service Wallace was a deacon at the church he was killed while giving out communion this family set up a wait for next Friday Greenwood funeral home that his funeral will take place a week from tomorrow at Alta mesa church of Christ Wallace's family says they were looking for a church big enough to support a large turnout of family friends and well wishers who reached out to offer condolences Alan sky on his radio ten eighty K. will be nine oh five this portion of the news for ex Surgeon Ethan counts the affluent a teenager is back in jail this morning he was arrested for a probation violation picked up yesterday after testing positive for THC that's the active ingredient in marijuana six years ago he sparked outrage when he killed four people and injured another nine in a drunk driving incident he was charged with manslaughter the judge only sentenced him to ten years probation though because his lawyer successfully argued that he suffered from after ends up that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong former prosecutor Toby shook shook says this time the judge could decide to lock him up in the little ring and and and putting them in test the residential treatment which are keeping for about a year and that isn't the seal of the that side that he reaching raft of any substance abuse counselors on community says a supervision when that test came back positive he is not supposed to be around drugs or alcohol in Austin this morning emergency crews are responding to a stabbing in South Boston involving multiple people Emma says medics were performing CPR into patients one patient a man in his twenties has died another man in his fifties has been transported to the hospital with potentially life threatening injuries one person has been taken into custody Jason Garrett's career is Dallas Cowboys head coach could be coming to an end that's what we keep hearing the cowboys have not made an official announcement though ESPN on the other hand is reporting a meeting among Garrett and gerund Jerry and Stephen Jones yesterday that was canceled the report says the Jones family had been waiting to make a decision quote out of an abundance of care and respect for Garrett is contract runs out January fourteenth only Tom Landry spent more time as head coach of the cowboys but Garrett has just won two playoff games since taking the job in two thousand ten the New York Giants the Cleveland Browns the Carolina Panthers are all looking for head coaches and the cowboys passing game coordinator just interviewed with the giants for their head coaching job it's nine oh seven A..

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