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Brooklyn Nets in the Golden State of over yours inside 30 minutes from now, want to welcome all of you. Who heard the Virginia Cavaliers take down the North Carolina Tar Heels on the back half of our college basketball double header tonight on ESPN Radio. Coming up in three minutes. Does LeBron James have some hard charging company for the M V p discussion? You know when Steph Curry was it, Davidson the entire country fell in love with he and the story of the Wildcats during their improbable run to the elite eight. Back in 8 22,001. Year later, Steph Curry went into the N B a in 12 years later. Staffs still doing his thing. Just maybe better. The game speaks for itself. You know 15 16 14 15 those two years his vaccine kind of conversation. Steph Curry's game is speaking volumes Right now. The two time M V P is in the midst of one of the best structures of his career. Sure, shooting percentage takes into account two's freeze. Free throws and over steps last eight games. He has a true shooting percentage of 68.2 the best eight game span of his career. Within one season, all deflected away. There's Wiggins again as Wiggins on the accelerator to the flood court. Jake to catches buys Curry left alone above the break. It's good in his last four games step is averaging over 40 points, shooting 57% from the floor 53% from beyond the arc in 92% for the free throw line, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only players to average 40 points on 55 50 and 90 shooting in a four game stretch. Hurry in Michael Jordan Gray Monte Curry curry waits crowded by bacon. Takes the jumper going to his left that stuff a good That's his night. Three of the night steps specialty. Maybe the deep three pointers, which he practices during warmups before every game. Bonnet still took head coach Steve Kerr. Little time to get used to step framed. Cringed all the time was first six weeks.

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