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Ben Evita's was telling me, and I'm the guy who's gonna make sure that families and the these fighters have opportunities, and I'm gonna prove that there's a legitimate market for a real one hundred and twenty five pound guys. And on the other side, you have T J dillashaw doing the exact. Opposite. Just sees me meat. I love this contrast heading into fri- or Saturday. I suppose how do you feel about it? I think it's right. I think it's perfect. Just like you said, I think that pseudo specially is better cast in this role. I think he wants to be a good guy. I think he believes what he's saying. And I think that that's probably true. I mean, the Soto the snake was an act, of course, you know, what I mean? But the rest of you get to the dole shots, I know we've seen many different dillashaw. So it's kind of like you go through. That's that's where it's a little bit interesting. But I can appreciate him actually taking a heels the sponsor to all of this event enjoying changing. And it's almost like he's instinctively now going to be the opposite of his opponents. And I I find that somewhat fascinating amount. So think that he is that kind of guy, and he's a little bit of a rob arouse, or you know, What what I mean? I mean? And I it was fun to it was fun to watch that. I I think that he's kinda come along with you remember him from the early days if you ever interviewed him early on. He he was like he reminded me of small Ryan Bater they were both like these kind of athletes who grown up kind of watching pro sports. And you thought everything you ask them was going to be very vanilla. And what they would responded what an evolution for that guy. You know? So I I'm enjoying it. I agree with, you know, the only thing I was going to say is that you mentioned this permission. Like, the reason it didn't make sense original because we were talking about Dimitrius Johnson and dillashaw for a long time that fight made all the sense in the world two guys at the top, right? Henderson Huda wasn't in the picture. And it was almost like you couldn't justify him. You know, inheriting that Mojo by beating Dmitri's Johnson. It didn't make sense to me on that level. But as we went on and he's position him. So it's because he's positioned himself in that way. And because he's has this greater purpose. That has that that that I have now by the fight on its on its big on the big level, the Dimitrius fight and the trash talk does build of feels very natural. It doesn't feel like, you know, you're being you know, forced to like consume this this the storyline. Just kind of a little snake thing, we should know. But everything, of course, the the the. The same thing better. Just just going back and forth and just feels very natural in that sense. And honestly, even the snake thing if very feels it feels like very pseudo esque like him was showing up on brand. Yeah. So it feels it feels cool. And also, I don't know if you guys get the sense. But like these two are I mean, those not forget so who won an Olympic gold medal. Wrestling TJ dillashaw everyone's talked about how how competitive that guys. Even in the training like I can feel their competitive competitiveness bleeding through their trash talk. Like, they like, nobody wants to leave like, you know, everybody asked to have the last word, and they're kind of just going back and forth. And you know, who does bring out his medal. And I it's great. I'm really enjoying it. Right. I think that's a great way of introducing this next one about about TJ. I saw a really interesting movie recently. Have you guys seen this? It's came out last year. It was in black and white for all but five seconds of it just seeing this movie, the captain. It reminded me of T J dillashaw sort of is going to sound like I'm I'm being mean to him. But I'm not here me out. It's a true story right here. What happens this private in the in the German army two weeks before the World War Two ended? So before the allies one day, he comes upon this, abandoned caller, and it is a pristine German captain's uniform and it fits him..

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