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It is funny how the actor first mentality really does trickle down as much as it is about Joan Emma's characters. It very much widens the circle. So actually one of the things I really liked the season is the way it paces itself out. Not slowly again, similar to forever forever doesn't have its premise at all in place until episode. Three. This also, you know episode one is for Jota episode. Two is for Emma episode threes like they start the trial and then you know certain pretty important characters. I don't believe gotten to the point where Justin thrown Sally field joined the main cast rate yet. Justin joins in the beginning of four hundred and Sally field comes in and five, but those are two huge names and have. I'm sure they are named the felt empowered to sign on because the top of the cast was already such a high caliber. But those are already big stars. And then you get figures like Billy Magnusson who I think is maybe in the process of crossing over from that guy to, oh, that guy where would people have recognized him from, oh God, he was an Ingrid goes west. I believe it was the vulture review that described him as a douche of many colors he loves or he. I don't know if he loves to play them, but he tends to play like, yes, so that is a very memorable douchebag. Baggy plays the brother of Elizabeth Olson's character. And then the other, I think, emerging performer who's going to get a really big lift from this as sonoma's Uno, who plays the technician and she is very emblematic of the show's very comic book styling. She is triangle wig and big glasses and constantly as a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She kind of looks like in a live action, anime character, and. Weirdly people might actually most recognize her from a Neilly Shen where she was not playing herself, but she was a sort of cybernetic alien double. I dunno spoilers for an isolation. Yes, yes, she's a dancer. She was in crazy, rich Asians. She was in x. mocking Alex Garland's first movie. And this is kind of the first big role where she is recognizable, but displaying range, but really crucial to be. She's going to be an Alex garland show FX. Correct? Right. I'd forgotten about that. Now. I'm very much looking forward to that. I mean it. It's just there's a lot of people who I think were attracted to this show because they realized what a fun template is, and you can tell. I mean, Julia garner is like one of the, I guess, hotter would be the term, but like more. Yeah, Ozark America's, yeah, rain. And whenever she is in anything, there's always that like, oh, Julie, Garner's here like she's really popping up the screen. Let me ask you this. Do you ever get frustrated or do you find a delightful the accumulation of both visual and like comic bits, like as if it's almost being like written as means through. Route the show like everything from like the fucked Lantis program that Justin through is caught in when when Sonia was you know it was incredible, but there's that there's, I mean, even just like the way that they show Jona hill in the Warren Moon jersey with a mullet living a Long Island. And his name is Bruce Marino's. We've got a couple of different quarterbacks going on in there, but I did not get that. So they marina. And it's like this past each of wouldn't this be funny? Wouldn't this be amazing? Wouldn't this be cool? Jan feel like it all comes together. I don't think tired would be quite the word so much as it was very clearly. Almost the cart leading the Hordley. You could tell it was them being like, we want to try and I don't want to imply that they weren't really thoughtful about this. I mean, no, no. I mean, if anything, I feel like you can. I actually watched some of it with subtitles on and you could hear bits of background dialogue or read it, rather that actually does inform stuff about like the world that they're living, especially in the first few episodes. And I don't know if I am personally empowered to call it a friend of the show since this is not my show, but Zach, baron road of your propel, Cary Fukunaga for g. q. that included. This really fascinating detail that he in Somerville with, like just a few months ago to production decided to junk half the scripts, which is incredibly stressful and terrifying, somewhat admirable..

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