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You listen to podcasts. That's it. For the reads, everyone I am still skiing in Park City for the rest of the week. Check check my Instagram stories because I will be shooting all these guys editing videos of all these guys skiing all week. We're having a blast whereabouts. Getting the hot tub about avatars and soda. I am not smoking marijuana because I wanna breathe good, and I feel healthy and. Ready to get back on tour and two weeks. Big Zuma bowl party. Go rams. What else? Can we tell you? Oh, today's podcast. So you if you listen open tabs, you know, who these people are Kristen, and Danny Christine, and Danny I know this is going to sound a little not it's not entirely brand friendly for what the kind of podcast that normally put out, but they are to Christian online personalities. They're married. They do car karaoke videos. I became obsessed with them because they went viral three years ago when my machine store when my machine story went viral, and I started watching their videos, and I in a weird kind of Weerasak way became obsessed with their logs because their life is so different than mine that I couldn't stop watching. What was so different? They do stuff like hang out with all their families. Danny is you learn was in a touring Christian. Capella group, Kristen was a Dallas cowgirl who moved LA. Got into a dark place found God, it's a really interesting story. And listen, if you're not growing as a as a podcast or and trying to do different shit every now, and then that I don't know what the fuck you're doing. I find them interesting. I found them interesting on on open tabs. I we were talking about on the tabs and they were in LA. And I was like fuck it would love to have you on the podcast. We had a great conversation. I think you're gonna find it. Absolutely fascinating. At the end. You hear that? We're going to meet up an indie. There was a blizzard in Indy. We were driving in from Ottawa. We got in late. And so we didn't get to meet up with them. But that being said, I think the podcast that you have right now is pretty fucking awesome. So without further ado Christian and Danny? This is. I'm here with Kristin. And danny. Wanted to do that for so long. Part of it. Then you wanna do? Okay. I'm here with Christine, and Danny. So I'm gonna having your grab the mic talking like thanks for having this. Of course, of course, you can just almost eat them. They might face. You can move it around as much as you want it to you got ya. So you guys don't know how became fanciers. I wanna know. So you guys three years ago went viral on Facebook. Yeah. I think that it was December twenty seventh. Yeah. Christmas videos, the one. Yeah. Yeah. And so did I. Most top trending videos on that day was me. And you guys has so I watch video and I'm like I'll be really candid, I'm not a song parody guy. But then I go, but there's something about you guys looked at a cool relationship. So I go why these people so I go back, and I'm like, I deep dived you guys so much. No idea, and it was it became a very guilty pleasure that I couldn't share with a bunch of people because because I grew up in the south of my wife grew up in the south. We grew up with regular family values, and you know, Hollywood very different. And so when you start mentioning religion in Hollywood is I'm sure you guys know, it's almost like you said the N word. Yeah..

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