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WFL a the home of lightning hockey. It's coming up on eleven minutes after five and we got lots of stuff to report on here and a late developing story. From last night. Two people were killed in a third was injured during a triple shooting in Saint Petersburg yesterday. The and this happened at thirty fourth street, south and eighteenth avenue south that's thirty fourth street south that's U S nineteen for the most part. And according to police over a hundred people this is what strange over one hundred people were gathered at this shell station. At the time. Shots were fired and two men were pronounced dead at the hospital. The other shooting victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. All victims are adult men and oil police are not confirming the instances surrounding the shooting. There are often parties in the area following the annual Dr Martin Luther King junior parade. I could see that. But who parties at a gas shell station? Yeah. Must be one happening show station, and certainly must be a hundred people there, can you imagine that if you're how do you get gas trying to stop and yet gas you can forget about it? That's the thing. Nothing. Good can happen late at night at a gas station after a parade where people had been partying holiday. And then you're all just hanging at a gas station one hundred people and that parade was over by what four or something like that? I don't understand that either and zephyr hills. They have tailgate parties in the McDonald's parking lot. I'm not sure how much better that is. But it's been a thing for years, and it's like a party well at McDonald's parking lot better than a gas station. I don't know maybe they got beer to gas station, and nobody has a house with a yard. You can't go partying at parties aren't a thing anymore. If I'm tailgating at McDonald's, like I'm just skipping the whole grilling process, and I'm just getting a couple of big Macs. Like, I'm not wasting time grilling just getting some cheeseburgers. The worst part is they may not the worst part. The worst part is a two guys are dead. But police have made no arrests and don't have any significant incidences related to the parade. Except for two dead and a post parade party. That's kind of crazy anyway. We'll be staying in touch with the folks.

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