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As we head to the hotline and bring in for the third time a winner in the NASCAR. I racing pro invitational series most recently at Dover International Speedway William Byron is back on NASCAR. Live where you're welcome back. Congratulations yet again. My friend thanks for having me hit. Get good back in good to get to keep it going so I had a lot of fun in the Irish that we did and Definitely enjoyed how how it turned out. Of course you leads seventy nine laps in that entire race. It was a good showing there. You know one thing I've been asking about the nuances of every track that you race. On compared to Real Life. I've done a lie racing on Dover. It's a handful. Is it a virtual handful compared to the real handful? I know there are things that are obviously different. But what's what's I racing over like compared to real life It is it honestly just about kind of the same thing that you always Battle in the real card air is kind of the turn keeping the turning the cars run goes on and kind of keep in good exits to the corner is really important and also the walk up really quickly at Dover so Making sure that you're able to act the corner without hitting the wall is key so Yeah those things are are all Kinda critical into virtual car and the real car You know in the way that she is the gas in the break. Similar on Irish into so I it's honestly it'd definitely very very similar in those aspects. You talked about the return to racing which we got word last week William that. It's coming up at Darlington raceway. I guess that would be what a week from Sunday. We'll run a four hundred miler there. What all will you do to get prepared for that? Return at Darlington. Well honestly Just really kind of physically preparing. I think that's GonNa be key It's going to be critical to have yourself in good shape. I think the other thing is just the mental aspect and trying to do something that relates. They're driving a real race car. You know whether that's the karting track or just you know in something that has you know an engine and and Kinda feel so. It's GONNA be tough. You know no practice. But I know that you know we're the best drivers and and we can figure it out and and Get acclimated 'cause possible can be key Throughout the race just to to get going one of the interesting things is that you talk about. No practice no qualifying. You know you guys used to have a a built in rubber upper. I guess you could call it in the xfinity series. When they would run on Saturday they would help get some rubber into the racetrack. It and it wouldn't be as Abrasive for you on Sunday on race day. But you're not going to have that. How do you anticipate the first stretch of that race? Going and making adjustments to the car to get it right for the long haul over the course of the four hundred miles. GonNa make up your crew chief. We're GONNA have their hands full with adjustment and and really kind of figuring out what to do with the car. After the first run is going to be critical. The driver just kind of tell them what to do. And in what direction You know that we think the track is GonNa go so Interesting to see how it goes. I think the first pitstop will kind of be a chance for everyone to come down and and service their cars and and make some adjustments NASCAR last week boom put out a protocol for our return to Darlington and they said it could be tweaked. Obviously when we come back to Darlington and then going to Charlotte there in the next handful of days. It's pretty comprehensive plan about what needs to be done and also I'm sure that there similar protocols in place and Hendrick motorsports what do you have to do as far as when you pop up to the race track. How do you think this will be different? Compared to the last time you wrote onto the property at Darlington last Labor Day weekend just going to be. It's going to be much different without having fans and and everything that you sue and the environment around the racetrack like we're used to but I'm looking forward to what you know. Just being out on the track and being focused and and be with my team so It's going to be a much different environment especially going straight from from really you know the rental car the motor home or whatever to the to the race so I'm just KINDA GONNA adjust on the fly. But hopefully the first one goes smoothly and then we can start to roll into to the weekly races and and And Really Kinda get into a rhythm of it. I GOING TO SAY Cup Races. In eleven days we got some mid week races. You looking forward to seeing NASCAR in. Tv's and on the radio and hearing them on the radios in the middle of the week with xfinity series in the truck series. Pretty aggressive return scheduled. That's coming up. I am looking forward to that. I think there's GonNa be a lot of racing and I'm kind of excited about seeing it myself as a fan but also doing it as the driver so I'm I'm really looking forward to seeing how it how it plays out and we are as well and of course you know you'll hear the races here on motor racing network and also the performance racing network for those races coming up at Charlotte Motor speedway one more thing real quick before we let you go. Did you get faked out? When we got the news last week your crew chief had joined twitter. He seemed to or whoever made that account seemed to have a. Lotta people riled up there. Finally Chad Canal was on twitter. Yeah that was funny. That was My my friend texted me and said Hey I think Chaz on twitter and He was convinced because of all the people following him and I was like I don't I don't think so and eventually eventually came out that it wasn't him so I I was going to be surprised if it was him It didn't sound like him. So it was. It was funny was and we appreciate you joining us. William can't wait to see back on the drag. That twenty four is good in real life as it has been in the virtual world lookout. Everybody I appreciate it. Thanks for having me thank you. That's William Byron more coming up here on. Nascar live as the first official VODKA NASCAR. Ditsy vodka brings southern flavor to every turn our ingredients come from small and big cities and proudly.

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