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We're now going to enjoy the performance of pianist who first appeared on from the top when he was just ten since. Then he's grown meteorically as an artist taking silver at the famous tchaykovsky competition in two thousand fifteen and winning an Avery Fisher career grant his name is George Lee. And he's at the piano, to play the second movement from the piano, concerto number one by Frederic Chopin, George will perform the sandiego youth symphony chamber, orchestra onto the baton of Jeff Edmonds. An alum from. Receiving thunderous applause, along with the San Diego Ukrainy chamber, orchestra performing, the second of Chopin's cana- considered number one. Under jeff. Sure. Just I think so completely awestruck with your gorgeous gorgeous playing, and there's a couple of moments where there's a dialogue between the piano, part of the bassoon part incredible. How beautifully in lyrically responded to what was emerging within the orchestra, but I'm actually going to yield the microphone so my co-host pianist Michel CAD, and you can have a little pans, bonding session. How did you become acquainted with this? Yeah. I mean, I think my teacher encourages, and I also believe that when I'm playing a piece that it's always important to kind of build some sort of narrative or story line. And I mean it's beautiful gorgeous piece and. But I was kind of struggling to find actual storyline just because it was just so it's so beautiful that I don't know what can describe it. I watched the Truman show. Four years ago. And I feel like that piece really kind of pointedly depicts the romance, and especially since like throw the whole film, most of the relationships that Truman builds is are scripted and the only relationship that he that is not scripted is the one with the girl and it just so happens that that piece is. The background. So that's why just was pretty affected by absolutely I would be too. That's, that's wonderful. George Lee and alum. No, we're going to hear too young musicians perform some chamber music with my co-host Michelle, Ken joining hurt, will be a sixteen year old cellist in the San Diego youth symphony chamber orchestra Kevin song. He's from neighboring San Diego and an alum of from the top. And also sixteen year old violinist Audrey park from Valencia California, Audrey is an alum of the Bravo, international music academy, a partner organization of.

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