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Anthony Delgado fellow Colgate. Grad. Also negative shoutout to attend any. Also, Colgate grad who called the school crazy left-wing school, which is also not true. Because it's not how it is. Call at Tenny. She's the Trump GOP congresswoman in central New York. Oh, she's who he's still got his running again. No. He's reading in like, upper Hudson valley Ulster's and right? Yes. Okay. And Anthony Brazil Dinnie is oh Brindisi is running. Ebony brandy. She'll ahead. What's this guy? Rapa is Colgate to do with the toothpaste. Well, so Colgate toothpaste came after Palmolive. The soap the dish soap. But was it the whole day? Emily the Colgate. It'll be Colgate. Or something like that. And it was a Baptist school. And he was like we will create with this toothpaste fortune and extreme leftists sent off and doctrine Asian latte. Young men and women can explore gender. Fluidity white patriotic victims loud how to be professional victims study. Why there is no obsolete truth, and really the all nature is all that wipe man evil. It was. So we. Years ago. As Ben as battled. The hulk says, so rightly noted. I'll be really funny college stuffy, Allah guard college founding that are all wake Charlie Kirk propaganda. Go fortune based on like a self. Yeah. To fund agenda. Studies s I like how it's becoming a Medella impression too. I the Palmolive because I wanted a sensible soap for the American consumer. I can't I found it Colgate. Because toxic masculinity is running amok. I can't satirize like a college culture from a right wing perspective without going into Mandela. And the point is not back that we shouldn't be nice to each other and shit. Yes. Lack be good people. But that it's like the ask j w did not look people bucket Gallic bad. I see this video of Conor McGregor. I actually never looked up the the motto of my school. But it turns out that Alba homing is destroy turn means white men are cancelled. And I have receipts. Actually, I did go. I went to horrible Bates was coeducational and abolitionist from the beginning. So that was obviously an extreme communist. I have a problem with Bates us slavery would have ended naturally. I think the northeast has some better better schools when you go I feel like Virginia Virginia's, that's that's tough stuff. I don't mean to Colgate minute now. But Richard Spencer started out at Colgate. And then was like places and racists enough for me went to UVA. Literally transferred from Colgate to UVA. Yeah. Yeah. The but on the other hand Harvard's wealth is also built on slavery. So. At any rate. That I'm like in Mandela's, hashtag taxi endowment. Yeah. Exactly. Hashtag tax the dominant deed. I'm liking though. I like Mandela Rogan, I think that works. On the Michael brook show on Tuesday. Please listen. I mean, obviously, I want you to listen what subscribe in general, but what's happening in Brazil it runs directly parallel to what's happening here. It couldn't be more important. It has massive regional implications. And there's no doubt that when you s corporate interests in intelligence services, turn their attention back to Latin America, it was to reverse the pink tide, and it was to target even President Lula who was very social democratic and moderate, but went give over Brazil's oil resources as an example to Chevron Exxon, and fascism is being literal fascism is being facilitated there, and also I will continue to cover Lula. He is absolutely a political prisoner, and this has really big ramifications and Brian mirror. I did the sort of I would say that was probably the mo-. I mean, we've covered a lot. But I think we sort of we covered most bases of it from the how of the D legitimization of the Workers Party to the role. That whether it's the atlas network or other groups that have actually been operative in Latin America for a long time on behalf of US business interests, undermining democracy are playing out in Brazil right now. I mean, the Lula thing is sort of what the show exists to cover in a certain way. Right. Like, the reason we do wider context on that show is for moments. Like this exactly exactly. I mean TM VS is, you know, contextual, deep dive and things run in concert globally..

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