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Everyone. Welcome to another episode of huddle up with gus. I'm your host fifteen year. Nfl quarterback gus for rot. Hey i want to thank sixteen. Thirty one digital news For hosting us in the studio again as you could see. We're not in a studio. But they do all of our producing and engineering. So i wanna thank sixteen thirty one digital news for that. I wanna thank our team. Brian cherry and i wanna thank Sounder fm for hosting us on their platform. We also wanna thank vegas. Sports advantage For for coming on and working with us and and if if you want to win some real money in betting. I'm not good at it because i don't think i ever win at anything Especially betting but Go to vegas advantage. Guys were great. They'll they'll they'll improve. Your odds will help you and Hopefully you can win some cash and put it in your wallet. today's guests. I'm really excited about. But before we get to that i had a you know we've been doing this thing. We're our our fans have been asking us questions. So i've got a question from jacob. Julius jacob is out of tanning pennsylvania and he wants to know what's the greatest athlete i've ever played with That's hard because You know there's so many incredible people that i've played with the nfl over fifteen years and seven teams and just seemed guys do some amazing things on the practice field On a in a game You know seeing in the weight room Just just incredible people and what they can do and my job was always dropping. But i will say this. I did see dante culpepper. Walk on his hands for about thirty yards. One time and He and randy. Moss used to have incredible competitions where they throw one hundred bucks down and they have all these crazy things they would do I saw dante beat randy in a forty yard dash. I saw dante walk on his hands for twenty five yards but man was a credible athlete. Who's a lot of fun so I would say that was definitely one of the guys for a big guy. He was definitely incredible athlete. So joining us today is a guy that played in the league for a long time Was the safety was my nemesis on the other side of the ball You know went to alabama They them as growing up as a as a navy. Batters military brat were in air force. I don't know where he where george. But you were in kansas and moved alabama. But i always hated that term that you were a brat. Because i know you weren't a brat because if you were a brat your dad would put you in your place. So join me. Today is George teague He has a great podcast out. teak steak and. He does it with his son. Jay froze their second gospel. Okay keep going to. Could you repeat that last a little bit. yeah yeah. Hey where'd you where'd you. Where'd i stop at just as a military brat and care you. Can you hear me. george. Yes i gotcha. Okay i was just saying like i hate the term brat right. They always say these guys are military brats. And when i was doing some research on you and i'm like i'm sure that if georgia was any kind of brat his dad would have been like you were not a place at all right and then you guys moved around Yeah i think you're in. Kansas moved alabama and then the rest is history. But you know. I was just saying that you were my nemesis out there. You're the guy that that was on the other side of the ball. Read me and i was the one watching you so this is pretty cool. And i'm i'm really excited to talk to you today. How are you doing while. I appreciate it. I'm doing well coach at high school football now in texas And yeah. I did grow up as a military brat. I guess we will call it. A dad served in the air force air force for twenty five years yourself so i grew up pretty much all of my youth on an air force base off up until the time i got to ask school in than we act is my first time. Actually lipid off base What's i got to tenth grade. Essentially so that was a little bit different For me. But i love the grown up the way we did as i got say. Also you were talking about Want some of the best people that you had ever play with her. Most athletic person that you played with glad you brought in random awesome great story about a goal but i really eventually went to randy moss again. Just because the secretary of the scare that we had when he was out there yeah. Golf pepper wasn't running by you. Yeah so that that didn't intimidate me as much but You know just see what. Well that guy in and others. You could do this so much. Talent ness football league guys. We've played with you know being a multiple teams It is very hard to try to find. You know one person to say the most. Yeah you can't really do it. I mean you've seen some incredible feats right. You've seen some amazing things happen in practice fielding and everywhere else but to name just one person as degraded athlete My favorite thing was georgia's that I would get in arguments with other professional athletes from other sports and they would try to act like they're the best athletes like most time i think may be the only one that can compete with us is basketball but but i always like come on. There's no way like football is definitely the best athletes outer while we are. And i'm saying that socially but i think you have to look at how many true football players true football player that actually can do multiple sports versus other way around in the diaz bo jackson's amid people. That can do baseball and football. You know russell wilson. These are athletic. Guys were there that opted to play football. I mean that makes you incredibly. There's a lot of basketball players. Can't play basketball football. Love soccer Play in know. So we're definitely when you have make up bit of football player. There are some news just amazing and can be good at everything probably like how. You're good at golf. I don't know if you're a good golfer. I'm okay i'm okay. I'm like a ten handicap. I'm just okay. We're still so if you're not very good. What's the highest handicap. You can have. I dunno like You know if you shoot one hundred every round that'd be like a Twenty eight handicapped all right. Well i'm going to take a thirty one handicap for me. Golf is just like. I don't work at it. You know if you want to be great and unbelievable you gotta be out there in practice all the time i just i love just being out in gonna play and laughing and having a good time and you know sometimes you get to compete against some good buddies. Put some money on the line or whatever but most of the time. It's i go out with my son's now you know. We have just a blast. I haven't i haven't figured out the gulf.

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