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As a regular in. That eighth year I came, in as a filling you have such a natural happy face So you. Often I immediately I saw when I heard you were common name ring a bell I went and I saw your, face I'm like everybody would know I wish, I could see obviously we're on. Radio but they will know you immediately When I saw that shows. Telling you this during the break when I first time I saw the view I said this. Is going to be a monster hit. Because my, wife s a. Million opinions Ryan women have. A million Pinson this, is a perfect venue for that Were you on with when Hasselbeck was there too I. I was on when Elizabeth Hasselbeck in Rosie O'Donnell got into their big. Epic line yeah the job to take star, Jones's place was between Kathy Griffin. And me and or is it an eye Barbara Walters she's always get on me about that and, they couldn't decide beat so both of us we're going to have a day to. Do the we both co hosts it quite a bit and we both had, a day they couldn't figure out. If they were going to, give Kathy Thursday or meet Thursday and Kathy Friday and they decided, to give me Thursday and Kathy Friday Thursday was the day Elizabeth Rosie, got into, that epic, fight that everybody remembers and what I did was can I interrupt Lisbeth was conservative Elizabeth was not rosy. Elizabeth who is my bridesmaid and one of my best, friends even now and it was so tense when they were fighting that is tried. To I said to joy we. Should pretend like we're gonna get out Up from the table and. Walk out and we did and it allowed, the crowd to laugh it really. Did and I remember Alicia SilverStone was a guest and she was nervous and I had so many, requests for interviews and I wouldn't do them and they love the fact that I. Did not make a career off of telling what happened that day and so Kathy came the next day and. She kept trying to bring, it up nobody wanted, to talk about it and Bill Getty who, was the co creator Barbara Walters partner said he loved the fact that, I knew, how to, keep my mouth shut and and that's funny John for talking, by keeping your mouse? Barbara, Walters called me and, I said Hello and she said Hello dear we would like you to, come, and join us This is Barbara Walters and. I kept saying no I kept saying. No for about a year and. Then I said yes and I. It was it, scared me to death because I didn't I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness I didn't know anything about politics I never voted in. My life Joe, was. Witnesses don't vote, and, it. Scared me because I was a stand up leaders Yeah and, I came on not knowing anything I the very things. That my parents taught, me how to do, debates, I was with respect my elders they were. Right no matter what, so, to sit, there and have to go toe to toe with Barbara. Walters and my idol will Viggo Berg. Was was literally mentally I was. Sick every day for three years. I I remember, watching you though and you had it's everybody kind of had that position It, was like I don't know, if it was by accident we'll be on the left On the far right. I'm sure that was done But it seemed to me like. You. You kind of acted as A mom for that A little bit of peace in a little And I think I, just kind of when it got so tense I would come in there with. Some humor, and I learned like everybody else I, mean I think my third day I said I didn't know if there was around a flat on the view. And that was. Because I, was so nervous I just was, I mean, I was Rosie said that she you know the. Whole truth or, thing with, the tower tower and she said you know there have been the first time the fire ever Bernstein When you made steel Jose was a whole conspiracy fact off on, that by the way She you know she I did stand up spotlight when she was. Chosen and she was the nicest person in the world, to me I tell. You, people what people don't know about Rosie o'donald she. Very nice Rosie O'Donnell. Helped me get my salary at. The view they offered me nothing and this is why I love I always tell women who are doing the same thing that I'm doing what I? Make now have you have you don't work in. The same field you're not gonna find out what? I make it have you. Done the same thing that I'm doing I will. Tell Cheryl, Underwood I'm the talk Lonnie love from the. Real Rosie o'donald said this, is what I make this. Joy makes this is what Elizabeth makes and she helped me negotiate so when, I came in asked for the salary that Rosie, told me, to I went, right back to Rosie and. I said they said you think you you must be a fool if you think we're gonna pay you that a rosy helped me through my entire negotiation process and allowed me to get. The money that, I asked for. And not what they offered me so I appreciate I appreciate that that's why. We have such a big disparity with men and women's pay gap one. Of the reasons we don't know what each other's making a has somebody Smart and beautiful as. You still single that's what I wanna know I ran out of pre NUP The Xerox machine doesn't work anymore. Nobody makes prenups anymore and until I can get. Some more of those now. I'm completely content single I'm happy Travel single right it's easier. To try A, thirteen year, old. Boy and he says I said Jeffrey? Do you, want, me, to, get, married. He goes no no no no no and he likes. Center. For five minutes and I go. Okay tell me how you really feel so before we're not someone ask you about some of. The, stuff? In the news Amoroso Yeah. I. Feel for her I do I. Do I read somewhere it's African Americans don't buy it they think he's still Trump ish I don't know about that Trump ish at all I don't think she. Ever, she saw an opportunity, I I don't celebrity. Apprentice come your way now. I never wanted to do, as a matter of fact I stopped watching it and I told Donald Trump that because he would come on, the view quite a bit and I told him I sat watching it what he was when he was touting out that birther LA Obama watching watching celebrity apprentice and by the way Trump is and people, say this all the time I would see Trump a lot doing a view. And he was very charismatic he gave me a lot of Ivonne could Trump's shoes which I can't, sell to save my life which, I put them on. EBay nobody will buy them. I even did a presidents He has a whole slower in the Trump towers of, Ivanka Trump's shoes it looks like a department store and he had Jenny McCarthy. And I go and just pick out a ton of her shoes delivered him the next day with, a beautiful note and now I'm, trying to unload the. Shoes nobody will buy them I haven't tried to give homeless lady. Right on the freeway near my house she, wouldn't even take them Sees the whole thing's amped up. I mean today, they're you know they're going after the publisher of the book and that's the Trump administration and. To me it seems like Everybody that touches this guy comes out. Bruised new, even, if, you were, in the right rights you know I don't think cameras Bruce I think. She's very strategic, I think she I don't feel for Moreau said I'll she is Phoenix that will always rise from the ashes. She's a fighter she's always had to fight I think that, so where I lost respect for her because I've known maroshek and we used to run. In, the same. Social, circles I feel. She tried to sell black, people down the river and she, tried to get. Us to drink that that, Kool-Aid and she tried to pull right cool it yeah she tried to she tried to tell. People I'm telling you trust this man trust this man. I believe in this manning you knew exactly what Sanders had to come back in and meant, that that, was a lie what, they, said under Trump that unemployment. For African Americans She said she was sorry about something he likes. Sarah, Huckabee just. Poor, baby looks like. Her eyes are just.

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