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Switchover over. Let's go to baton rouge jomar chase. I mean pretty. Simple evaluation right. I mean there's nothing to wonder about with this kid. He tested fantastic and then put on a phenomenal field workout. Yeah that's the thing. dj splendid. Because when i watched him all tape it didn't strike me as a four three player. But you look at them in rows right now. He's just so smooth and efficient that you never see him. I guess push the gas. He is explosive forty winners vertical. We talked about the four time. Levin footbridge up is all the tools that you look for in a number receiver. And then when you talk about that overall explosiveness. It can be a game-breaker on his teammate. Terrence marshall as well terrace marshall. I should say put on a show running matching forty times. He caught the ball very well. You see him going through the drills here. I saw a little touch of tightness there. Were you watch him go through the workout but man he can. Bucky can play above the rim. He can go over the top. He can do a lot of special things so lsu wasn't just a one man receiver class. You've got tears. Marshall who i think has a chance to go late one. Now they're teammate. Djibril cox on the other side of the ball didn't get a chance to work out. He's battling through a hamstring injury. So we didn't see him but if we go to south bend. We did see a linebacker workout. They're not a forty but jeremiah. We'll shoot four. Moa had a phenomenal field. Workout your thoughts on him and he is what i call a big nickel meaning. He is that hybrid between linebacker and safety and his lettuces his explosiveness. Thirty six and a half vertical. You see tampa for broad jump. Create a defense accords. Go have fun with him because sometimes he can be inside the box playing. Just run other down. It can be kind of spaced out inside a slab. Receivers bliss his off the edge. Gotta complain coverage. He brings a lot of skills to the table fund. Swiss army knife have in your defense now in a fun fun. Workout all work out there. For ian botham notre dame but man what a star pack pro day. It was on wednesday. All three schools deliver the goods as the draft inches closer. We got a pretty good idea. Buck who's gonna go number one. I think we feel secure about that right. We're looking at a trevor lawrence. Being the first overall pick the quarterback out of clemson at looks like from kind of the beginning of the season before the season started things. Were looking in that direction and urban meyer all but to answer that question. The other day saying he's going to be a jacksonville jaguar. Yeah absolutely he's going to be a jacksonville jaguars because he fits exactly what they're looking for. The jaguars need a franchise quarterback one who has all the tools that you look for on the field outstanding aren't talent great leadership ability half football accu athleticism the ability to put the team on his back if needed. But also this team some energy. And what trevor lawrence is going to do for jacksonville fan base. He's going to energize them by giving them is going to make an optimistic view in jacksonville. That's why i believe. He is the unanimous choice to be the number one overall pick now. We're watching him from the pro to here. Which is a really solid session. You see the weight on the street at two hundred thirteen pounds. Look he's gonna play it to thirty. He wasn't able to really lift because of that left shoulder injury. That's why you see the weight it is but you see the big old hands..

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