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On the studio is full of animals today. Not just us, of course. Parker is in studio. As well as ladybug the studio stent dog, Molly. Molly's here, yes. We are blessed to be able to work with our animals and just to have them in our lives. Gurney, you can hear gurney in the background. Gurney is Joey's bird, cockatoo, right? Umbrella cockatoo, just like beretta. Whoever remembers beretta. Damn you're old. Yeah, exactly. How old is gurney? And why did you call gurney? Come on now. The bird came with that name. And she was 6 and apparently there was a general named general gurney that freed the malaysians from some one she came from Malaysia, and the people who own the bird, they were in the military and traveled around and just didn't have enough time for the bird. So the bird was 6 when I got it. Now, listen, I keep telling everyone between 36 and 38 years old, but we checked it out at the end of the day. She just about 40 years old. 40 years old. Holy moly, just about 40 years old. I got to tell you though with our animals, at least my personal animals, dogs and cats. I probably will outlive them. They live such short lives. Yes. Really? I mean, who really knows when they're going to go? You don't. You don't really know. And in fact, anything that big purple bus could come out of nowhere tomorrow. Yes. And what would happen to them? What would happen? And that's why we have our next guest on. AJ fudge, she is an attorney and she has a book out called a life of love, mandatory reading for animal lovers. We welcome her to the show. Hi, AJ. How are you doing? I'm doing great, how are you doing? Splendid. So you've written this book about a state planning for animals. And this is particularly important. Listen up, Joey, because I know Joey, you've always said jokingly, it's each to their own. You don't have any plans for gurney. What is in the book and what made you write the book? Well, basically, I got tired of seeing all these animals always on like the local humane society websites or the local animal shelter websites where it's something that happened to the animal's owner. And then the animal is looking for a new home at one of these shelters and I'm in a state planning attorney and there's just a very easy solution to that problem. That most animal owners, I felt probably just weren't aware of. And so I kind of wanted to educate animal owners and then also almost more importantly motivate them. And then they'll just leave some instructions for everyone to follow. How strong are these laws, though? I mean, when you write these trusts can a family member debate them after you're gone say, hey, this is crazy because you know what I think about. I think about that hotel heiress that left what? $25 million for the dog lucky. Leona Helmsley. Yeah. Well, unfortunately, Leona Helmsley didn't use a trust. She relied on a will. And so that's what one of the things that created a lot of problems with her estate because when you leave, there's a lot of rules when it comes to wills. And one of the main problems with using a well is that you can't put any conditions on the property that you transfer. But with a trust, there are actually incredibly difficult to fight. If they're properly drafted, a comprehensive and properly drafted trust is almost impenetrable, even by family members. And there's also little fail safe that you can put in the trust such that if the family members try to attack the trust or fight against it, they will lose their inheritance completely. Similar to the contest provision and a will. Yeah. So you can create kind of, I always like checks and balances, as you'll see throughout the book. And the reason I love trust so much is that it's very easy to create a check and balance to cover pretty much any situation. So what is the fraud prevention like in that area? I mean, that sounds kind of iffy. Yeah, I mean, ideally, I don't do a lot of the time people have some people that they name. So the organization is normally named as an organization of last resort, but there are organizations that are very reputable. So for example, a local one that people use a lot here in this area is a local humane society and they have a program where you donate $5000 and they will take your animal. It's a lovely facility. It's a no kill facility, and they have a very, very reputable adoption program. Well, how much money do we leave for our animals? And I'm sure that depends on how old you are. Yeah, I mean, it really depends on your situation. What you want your, what kind of animal you have and what kind of care you expect them to have. You know, some people if it's a relatively what I call straightforward situation where you have a dog or a cat and we all have a pretty good idea how long they live and what their basic expenses are. I usually say that depending on the agent animal you can set aside around $10,000 is a good amount. I'm around the half century mark. What age do you recommend people start a state planning or building a trust for their animals? As soon as you get a pet how? Is that true? Yeah, I mean, I basically say, once you're over the age of 18, depending on who you are, it's something to start thinking about. The book is called a life of love and where can you get it? On Amazon? Yes, that's the main place, and it's on Kindle or you can get the paperback. I'm gonna go ahead and give away 5 copies right now. Check out AJ fudge's website. It's law offices of AJ fudge dot com, of course we'll put links to everything you've heard on today's show over at animal radio dot com. AJ fudge, thank you so much for hanging with us today. Oh, thank you so much. It was a pleasure. Hi, this is NASCAR driver, Corey Joyce. On animal radio and Spain new year pets. Do you have a home that you don't want anymore? 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