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Traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by subway, restaurants here's voter Edens expressway seeing delays both directions all because of moving roadwork the blocks the. Left lane inbound that's from lake avenue to pass Dempster it's, thirty minutes from lake cook in on the. Downside though delays from the, Kennedy Dempster because of that. Wrote road work in, the left lane, there thirty. Minutes from Montrose out to lake cook road, Kennedy amount thirty seven minutes. From O'Hare in twenty three and from the junction The locals twenty in the express lanes the outbound sides a fourteen minute affair to Montrose thirty two minutes from downtown to O'Hare Eisenhower inbound we're, now looking at fifty minutes route three ninety two. Downtown thirty five in for Mannheim outbound on, the brakes from Laramie to before I avenue because of an earlier crash that crash is now clear it's thirty two ounce? Mannheim forty five out to, three ninety Stevenson inbound. Forty three, minutes three fifty five to lakeshore drive. In thirty three and from the tri-state no outbound delays on. The. Stevenson but northbound I fifty five pretty slow as you approach route fifty three. Report of a large. Pothole and, Elaine there. That's caused several vehicles that flat tires the. Dan Ryan inbound heavy ninety fifth to the skyway from an earlier stall that's now create out twenty seven minutes from ninety fifth with. No outbound issues I fifty seven inbound, you're looking at fifteen minutes from I eighty to the Dan Ryan, merge outbound, heavy from one hundred sixty seventh to I eighty and that's because moving. Roadwork the. Two right, lanes are, blocked it's twenty three minutes from the split out, to I eighty the Bishop Ford amount seventeen minutes from nineteen. Ninety four in no outbound delays on the Ford lake, shore drive northbound heavy before Roosevelt to Jackson no southbound delays Nair on the tri-state totally northbound. You're slow from the Eisenhower about moral southbound heavy from John, Adams to the Bentonville bridge on the Jane Addams tollway eastbound seal On the ramp to southbound Fifty-three because the. Ongoing work on route fifty three the has you slow southbound from the Jane Addams to, Higgins that's ongoing roadwork and both the local and the express lanes now three fifty. Five north and southbound slow. In the work zone approaching..

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