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Mentioned paul is the fact of robes unbelievably endorsed to me was asked the questions you in the press conference how'd you schooled at you know i it was actually a hundred but he changes throughout ten so i'm thinking well the mccracken numb for years is going to give it a six figures a seven celebration he gave you knowing and if you remember what josh always said you know when he gets pushed against the little bit joshua he says you have to remember all i have to do is impress ralph and the old time fighters men lie johnny all of his club so to get annoy now ten the one they responding and understand why nine out ten i understand exactly what where we're being shoot from the stadium now it's ten poss two in the morning so we're gonna head back to the hotel to analyze reflects on what anthony joshua has had to say during that press conference get together i final thoughts on this performance victory for antony joshua here at the principality stadium this is for large schools well we might the ten minute walk or so across from the principality stadium back to the hotel where we and many of the undercard fights have been staying for the bulk of the past week or so stephen three o'clock in the morning anybody would know who knows cardiff city centre that that is a survival test in itself we post the taxi cue which was about three hundred yards long slipped over a carton of discarded fish and chips and then attacked by seagulls youth always stealing their fish and chips and finally we made it back here the the addition to the hazards you have hearing card if i love the company for twenty five years but between chip highly and the pedestrianised areas for the weekends and the millions of coaches that come down from the valleys we now have the seagulls just blatantly overtaking large stretches of the street so no one's walking in whole twenty meets a square areas because people have discarded their fishing chips chips key babs or whatever and the seagulls.

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