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The lome mowers halo say downtown used day work got around no monet down here in years milan i got there than not would bear buds they of men stay at all over the past agotic utah in that by baen dave predictable dance day in day by the bottle the ninefoot range the dan beef banned in jail bureau to thrive in that way lou man a green bay through amman detail there strasbourg is the guy who oversaw the bureau's interviews with michael flynn was now pled guilty not to a crime but to lying to fbi investigators flynn pled guilty to lying the fbi investigators hillary will never need to plead guilty to lying to fbi investigators because they didn't put her under oath yes home almodena cheryl mills probably lied to fbi investigators and that would be peter strasbourg but uh they wanna make sure that those folks are never punished because that's who they wanted to be president president has the ability to spare a a guys life five minutes before he gets the death penalty the president has the ability to send our troops to war president as the ability to do some very powerful things in this little two bit fbi agent is out there engaged in this behavior unbelievable stock about alabama shall we of course roy moore one and um now we have to do the of post mortem mm and open up the phone lines in i'm only going to take calls from listeners from alabama as we did yesterday there were enough right in votes if those votes were cast for the republican to put roy moreover the.

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