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No not a. I mean not by any stretch of the budget. That's strong as you get as long as you feel good than you should. Just keep doing what you're doing in my opinion. That's all there is to it. You know there's no right or wrong way to do this as far as we know you know. Just don't eat junk food they want. That's all off awfully. If i had good evening. I would run that life. But i don't so already lost all day every day pieces but i can't i all day everyday but you know i guess yeah i mean no what i'm saying. I would be pasta all day every day if it works for me. If made me feel better. That's what i would eat But i don't i don't need it anymore at all so things are good. You know what. I think i feel better. I lost a lot of weight doing it. So so very fortunate. While we wrapped up your. What's next for the why. Why was would you are using business. Getting dropped to about fifty percents of business was a now. It's up to about eighty five. Which is a level that i'm happy with and then aside from that i am working as i said everyday i write for at least ten minutes of producing lots of stories and a just working on my writing cross because eventually i'd like to come published as well so i'm just developing that and then in terms of the blog i just wanna keep going continue and see where it takes me. Sounds good and i also am going to be helping employ cat because she is the copywriter on my book coming out here pretty soon so looking excited to that i will be. Hopefully we will make a deal coming up on that pretty soon because it's finished but finished i my is probably during here soon. As so we'll talk about that after Can i thought this was very informational again. You could find her at chat with cat that's k. a. T. blog on twitter. Her website is www dot a chat with cat with a k. Again dot com. Please folks on that email list with her. It is absolutely fantastic. And i will definitely me catherine. Thank you so very much for happening on my show today. I appreciate it more than ever now and you know nothing but future success in get along with that fire idea keep going and i hope everything works out for you. Thank you so much for being on no problem no problem..

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