Vice Chair, President Trump, Ryan Fortier discussed on Yellowhammer Radio


With the chair no the vice chair pretty well the former vice chair duly and they have shown that they support the president and they're willing to work to make sure things are happening but the issues at the state level the issues are happening at the state level and i and i think they could be doing a hell of a better job and then there's a lot of areas that they're they're not covering the activism that needs to happen absolutely ryan for ryan fortier is my forty is my guess is president of students for trump i gotta take early brake ryan if that's okay with you and hold you over so we'll have you for a couple more minutes after the break i also want to point out that it looks like the article that i was saying about the mit expert saying that the chemical weapons attack was staged as actually from last april not this april for a time when we've been through a very similar thing before so i just wanted to make sure that fact was out there to all of you listening and we'll be right back with ryan good guests to scott piece of radio here's a story about a man named decided one day or opened up a store by springs trading is what it ought to be an old country store for the whole family amish foods ads and more open friday saturday and sunday ten thirty to seven thirty sixty five exit to eighty seven north on highway thirty one four miles on the left next top at barbecue springs trading company an old country store if you're in the market for a new honda you need to visit honda jasper they carry only the best of the best we're talking about hondas ear honda jasper is the only alabama honda dealer to be president award winner for customer satisfaction for three straight years whether it's sales or service conduct jasper is top notch they carry over seventy five used cars and they have hondacertified unit that undergo a hundred and twenty five point inspection and still have great warrant visitor call honda jasper two five three eight five zero one zero zero the views of this ad or not.

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