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For pretty much my whole career i mean i always just feel like this really young person because all of these these colleagues and friends are are a little bit older than me so this desk is kind of this centrepoint of the beginning of the book of 'liar's poker even though it it doesn't michael was writing about the mortgage group the most but uh you know john mary weather is the is the man who who is in that unplayed mano haumono hand unplayed apocryphal motto amano have john good friend at the first thing that jumped out me with victor was talking there it when he took him at the regulate regulating bond market now we have to realise and go back to points on where the market was deregulating it it it was a pro system was going on so all this stuff was changing at the time and these guys at salloum as the time that victims to commit there were basically being handed a new set of rules to try and figure out okay how do we do what can we do now that we couldn't do before will come we do now that we could do before and what does this mean to the way we structure apple funniest why we structure at trade and it's really interesting the win now talking about was with donald trump perhaps a reregulating bond market now we're about to come back into a cycle of introducing more regulation against his it's funny how that cycle turns and we we have to understand what it was like to be that and also i think it's worth asking the question is your bailout inflation my guest is almost 100 percent correlated with deregulation i am fix of believes a free markets always the answer to everything but in the end.

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