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Athens at a game and eagle while the sky you can't avoid plane him my guess is and we've set the overunder many times i think i might have said it too low at three and a half the thinking about it okay that injury tom savage does have that lack of just getting injured an odd ways though i could totally see him getting injured in like week three of the season and then boomed is shown us the start but ideally most teams don't wanna start a rookie quarterback because you don't want a guy out there getting this brains beaten that now more recently i think we've seen more rookie quarterback play me last year carson wants play dad adacte last year but they weren't going to start dak remember dak was a guy that they were that they threw win there and had to play because tony romo got her that wasn't their ultimate goal the goal was to have to see carson wentz in philly last year because that's why they drafted removed up and moved up to number two in fact get shawn watson is going to play it's a matter of win it's not if he's going to play this year because i don't think the texans are going to be good enough with tom savage for you to go wild this team could win eleven games they're not going to be that team they can be okay and i think they could win seven games but i don't think they're going to be good enough with tom savage if tom savage and i keep going back to this if tom savage were good enough than brock wouldn't have come back in and started a playoff game if tom savage it was todd they wouldn't have even gone out and gotten brock so we can talk about how much they like tom savage and how much bill o'brien likes tom savage that's all well and good but there's a reason why they moved up as high as they did in the draft to get two shawn watson and i agree with her that when you hear a coach like usually these coaches are very reserved when you look and the bill o'brien a lot of the time belo brive's has given you the perfunctory kite avoid all guys look good they they competed today you know they've they competed well when you've got a guy when you get a coach it'll come out and say.

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