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I don't know. And so you know, I look at this and I think they may have some impressive moments for sure. But I think in less they can get a couple of key turnovers along the way. They're probably gonna get couch fry going to be up to the offense again to score thirty plus in order to win this would I love to be wrong as I often MB s and I hope that's the case, but just don't see it happening. You know, in the span of one week that they're gonna suddenly flip the lights on after getting beaten by the saints and Bengals. This is this is easy. I can do this them. The the optimism is pouring through on this podcast as so we're both like I don't. I mean, we're not gonna win. South park up Assode with the little league games and they like trying. They're both trying to throw it. We're talking. Just may be the NFL living in body of south park episodes. With said, I wanna go around each person real quick and one name the you think fans need to pay attention to on Sunday. That could be the difference maker for whatever particular team. So Caroline, what's who, what's the one they fans need to pay attention to the can make the difference on Sunday with my boyfriend Vance McDonald, he hasn't been really big lately in it's clear. Ben Rothlisberger loves to work with a big light competent confident tight end. And I think phantom Donald can be that guy the the other one that I've been really fascinated by is Ryan Switzer. He's a small guy, came from UNC watched him play there, but he is fearless in the middle, and he will run some real short routes and just bring that ball in. And I don't think he's he's not like a deep threat. Not going to be the guy is going to break open, some huge play, but he's a consistent yards gutter and I think he could. Be someone that's interesting. Gina, who's the one they, you think fanzine to pay attention to Sunday while I, I have to apologize sincerely the Caroline because we are friends and I drafted Vance McDonald didn't draft him, but I grabbed him because my tight end situation the one league is so terrible and Vance McDonald, this look good. So I grabbed them to fill in, which means he's probably going to score zero points for the season. Not my Pence. It's not my attention ruin your offense. I'm trying to win games, but it's probably going to jinx them. And already told you how much I love juju Smith Schuster. So let me switch back the team, but I actually cover and also love. I'm going to have to say tech McKinley like tag McKinley is fired up for this game. Ben Rothlisberger is a guy who's been watching since he was a kid, and it was very funny to be on the locker room yesterday. I hear him talk about bed. He has like he has so much respect for him, but then he's like, he, no, he is a great quarterback is one the best for tobacco of all time, but he hasn't played against me yet..

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