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You know you guys are so cheeky anybody could make that by give you the money for the fight so you want his since. Tv give me the name of the promoted it got money in the uk. Got money in the middle east. He's the only one we used to laugh. At least we used to laugh at the middle east and be like yo they always say a bidding for fighting and never happens. Eddie is making it happen. And i'm not saying. Praise them. Aaron and callie i'm saying don't be like trae in the bay and say he got ed going and space. The he looks how how when he got access to one hundred and fifty million. The ones that though. Is bob arum in theory for for being out trying to say they could get into fights. They know they can get y'all want man. I'm move on visa. Why because he's in business but you can't make a mistake like that man. You know that you know that bro. Okay okay okay. Look we look at me. Look at me. Sam sampson. Look when it got. Certified check forbid haney correct correct or incorrect. Msu question but you want to answer me bro knowing full. Well that if. I wasn't going to happen. I'm sorry i'm sorry. All right. agonies faces well. We got a super chat from isaiah jones. Says why do wild the get so much hate. I don't know honestly adults ricky in florida. Talk to us comeback to me. We got j. p. in long beach. Jp busy jt dallas. Are you available. He selective hearing if they know. Nester has selective herod wab of it. Okay good. I'm in the me trying to take jokes year. Colbert make up shit. Hey a way. I want to talk to you turn. Station event was up user. Yeah man So we still on his type about tyson tubman. He won't fight wilder Pam aside money. Well bob said they not paying size step aside money. They'd rather just get rid of him. We'll look just get rid of my desk. How are you to hold time. This josh will fare. Refined was being talked about feel like mad at the end of the day while the stay true to his word and he gave ties period tennis then when they got the bills. They tried to run around the run. Try to run around. That's why these promotion companies don't really trust each other that's why. Pvc work in way working as a top ranked when he get the bells david So never been trust until people stay. Lloyd they agreed to fight the anti wild for the third fight and then when they got the best to try to run with it to make some other big to run off with the bag. Jt attracted do. they do. Trust the person word and they need to make the third fight between tyson inferior. While the like. I've been saying this. All i got thank you. He should be he should be okay to do ran off with the bag and tried to make more bag with another do We got we got we got we got. We got a new call in the dmv hooters. Four ten talk to john. How you doing brother. I'm good man. i faith may from baltimore spaceman to us all right real quick the reason why we love while there's so much 'cause he's that make what you what i'm saying. So yes people been saying may weather got all the skills in the world but his is boring. Wow the exact opposite. He got lack of skills but he got all the exciting fights. You wanna see I.

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