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Tiger defense. Now, that's pretty good. They're attacking that center position for navy. They're trying to blow that up if you can blow up that first option on the triple option, you really have a good chance to thwart this offense. And so far the tiger defense, they bent, but they haven't broken second down and twelve from the seventeen yard line for the midshipmen Tigers again crowd. The line scrimmage. Malcolm Perry is going to throw the football. Throws left side has a man wide open corner at the twenty five he's got the first down at the thirty. And he's wrestle to the ground. At about the thirty three yard line. The catch that time came from CJ Williams, one of the wingbacks. Yeah. That was a play where they send everything to the right side. And and then the quarterback throws back to the left is just a a delay drag route, and they only went over there was Austin hall, and he had to come up with a tackle. Fortunately, he did. Or he would still be running the way they do this. They read the line, and they read a receiver or a wingback, and they know which way to go and hall new which way to go just couldn't get there in time. So I down ten navy at their own thirty three. They've got forty six total yards now Perry under center and gives it to the fullback, and there's not a whole lot of room across the thirty five yard line. Not quite to the thirty six pickup, two and a half. Or so it's a thing of beauty to watch. It navy offensive line fire out though day, they all come out with the snot coming out of the news and everything else man, they are firing off that offensive line. And it makes it really difficult as a defender view to try to read your keys when they're coming at your ankles like that they've got so many different ways. They can do is act. He becomes into the game. He could carry the ball. You could get go Gelo to carry the ball you could get trae Walker toz Malloy to carry the. Well, they've all carried it already. They'll split one. Right. One left in the wingback position goes in motion left to right. It's a dive by the fullback. There's not much there at all at is who made the Kerry ran right into Jackson Dylan, only, a pickup a one. It'll be third long third and law, but navy is very very confident. They don't have to throw it because their offense is so trick so shifty and tricky we'll see what they'll do. They'll try to get something wide. I would imagine third down seven ball is in side the left hatch here with three fifty four to go in the first quarter and navy up. Three nothing off the turnover by the U of M Perry in a shotgun. This time here's the snappy wants to throw now he's going to run the football. And he's caught right at the line of scrimmage about the thirty yard line by Curtis Aken. Who's led the team the last two years in tackles against navy? That's a pickup of two it'll set up a fourth down and for the first time in the game the bring oh and why. A junior from Portland Oregon on to kick the football. It's every time this quarterback gets the ball. Dave. And it looks like he's got the open space. You just want to hold your breath. But Curtis Aitken's massive speed for speed before he could make his cut and put him on the plastic wrap..

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