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Sports center mall nine twenty S. P. N. radio and E. S. P. N. brought to you by the power nitro boss premium gasoline now with four levels of defense against drunk where corrosion and friction for general might be as be a radiology Reynolds the Niners have suspend radio analyst Tim Ryan will be broadcasting Sunday's game against the saints the discipline stemming from comments Ryan made on a bay area radio station about Lamar Jackson the Niners released a statement Wednesday evening saying in part Tim as expressed remorse in a public statement is also done so with us privately we know Tim is a man of high integrity and are confident he will grow and learn from this experience Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield expecting to play that despite his head injury Mayfield did not throw as part of his limited participation in Wednesday's practice but he's confident they'll play against the bangles he was asked as much by reporters on Wednesday it was Mayfield was injured just before halftime on Sunday when his throwing hand if the face mask of the Steelers pass rusher but the pre ill I manning's career with the giants is an ending on the sidelines apparently not for the final fourteen games the two time Super Bowl winning quarterback very likely to start Monday against the eagles rookie Daniel Jones is dealing with a high ankle sprain ESPN's Jordan run with four weeks remaining this could put Daniel Jones this season in jeopardy if the giants the side the play cautiously with their rookie quarterback but not if it's a joke late last season through a high ankle sprain fitness again as soon as Wednesday what he thought the chances were returning this season I think they're good he said every day since I felt better I think it should heal up pretty quickly and if it does sure said I'll be back as the starting quarterback with the giants Jordan Ron on ESPN all in favor Steve young joins us with much more here on SportsCenter Steve this'll be allies first start since the middle of September what challenges that the thirty eight year old face with that kind of lay off here I'm not too much I think it he was one of those guys that he just keeps paddling and so I did I think we'll get the exact same thing that we've done before and it without much interruption what I'd love to see you all this emotion like I've been I've been I took might be took my job and I told the guy the guy could play for five more years and I want to show somebody if you're going to see all of me to see a lot more you know how much I care I don't know this is the this is like if you like personally but I feel like this is the first time he's met and they took it away from home and I'd love to see that part of images that eagerness to I can't wait to get back out there I think you may see that on the Monday night staging especially against the eagles he's twenty ten and twenty two all time against Philadelphia year and his contract is up at the end of the season if you want to keep on playing what kind of market do you think is out there for a life as a starter I think there's no question who he is the film was giving his ways easy guys to really understand what you're going to gasp you're going to get if you need to get it it is not enough and team that maybe has some great protection or break back in some racy risen just need someone to go in there you can kind of you know the end of his career can play some decent ball they might be a godly certainly obviously not long term but there's got to be a man there's a team that that they could use that that role but don't question no one should question who is the light is what you're gonna get you'll get exactly what you've got last.

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