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Live ladies and gentlemen. Oh my way to watch toys to wash toy story. Two four is toy story. Three Ladies and gentlemen. Do I have to watch two or three to? I can give you the T. L. D. R. T. L. D. W. I don't think you have to think about it. Think about it depends on much time. Oh Shit I mean. Isn't that while that was pretty fucking mild man. I love life sometimes and for all of our patriots subscribers. Aren't she captured? Actually I lied now. It's reported it's never. It's we know we do. We do because the whole marines recorded. We have this cash wrong. You send us if you send a dollar then mo you can get it you can see. We're not making this up toy story. We're coming right off the how Dang all right now we're into it. Yeah we're into we have you seen it. I mean it's supposed to be really good as the best one happened to still got Tom. Hanks help he's add Tom. Hanks hope he's doing rated the highest on IMDB. I mean on rotten tomatoes. I think CUMIA GIMME A synopsis. What's what's this one about grant? Well you're you know the characters right. I do would actually the Lakers too? That you all right you keep read all right. Guess what Andy's doing in this one Starting school yeah. He's leaving for college. Oh colleague Woody Buzz Light Year Jesse and the rest of the toys find themselves headed for the attic but mistakenly wind up on the curb with the Trach Ono. Woody's quick thinking saves the gang but all but would he ended up being donated to a Daycare Center. Unfortunately the uncontrollable kids do not play. So Nice so woody and the gang makes plans for a great escape what parent what parent. Just throw away all their kids toys. College what are you going to do with a man? Your parents threw them out. I don't know I feel like they were everything was out already on. Its way out just sitting in like a toy chest in the basement or something we before college and then at the Ali starring they're gonNA think now should away now that I'm thinking about it I don't think I have. Maybe they're like in the attic somewhere. I don't know where are your toys. Grants toys next door. You'll find out next week Is there anything else to say about toy story three? Besides how crazy this is no no nothing. I'm excited right cool awesome Thank you for listening We will see you guys next week. In the meantime if you want to give some feedback please reach out to us. At lovie Edgy Cube Review Dot Com. Whoa feedback G. Q. Review Dot Com Nice Professional. Yes severe feedback or suggestions and that way we gotta Dot Com now and if you want to reach out to us you know maybe e mail is a little boomer for you and you WanNa be a cool kid Reach out to us on social media on twitter instagram at G. Q. Review all right. Thanks again for listening. See next week peace peace..

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