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Lines gland good morning good morning this summer so I'm just wondering if your if your worst nightmares may be coming to fruition several weeks ago you were you were kind of discussing what I was just talking about how if our own justice department in intelligence agencies are working to undermine the potential future president of the United States says how bad have things got well a lot thank god I got the right people in charge in fact no one things I want to talk to you about April on having a terrible time with name she died in a bomb was first Attorney General nine your number that was in charge fast and furious which which which president trump or Obama Obama was that whole was it rom Emmanuel or not I would know it was like a political adviser Susan was Eric holder when it there you go holder he evidently he went to go postal washing posted road article he just days ago for Turner general ball out there he was judged to artists and he didn't here just taken the attorney general's job off the rails and I assume you know that kind of made me wonder wow you jumping into this mess all of a sudden then perhaps it's because a little too close to home you think you might be right there get because that you'll holders name I've been told as well buy a that that name is going to come up again at some point in time yeah and we have our own is this part in general well he did a good job he does you know he's not here I've managed Connell when they're trying to hold up the integrity of the F. B. R. because searches for you here when he was testifying you can hear that the FBI was his first love and he was just heartbroken and he was trying to maintain a little bit of compassion for it but really the at the it's not under assault justice leadership and we shouldn't confuse the Turner but I'd be happy I find most of the time the F. B. I. leadership under president Obama and to hell in a hand basket and stayed that way on the Donald Trump until just recently and I'm still not sure it's completely straight no I'm not I'm not a big fan of both coasts right thank you to hold bush to personnel and the status quo got a guy himself well I think I want to ask about it we have a number to try to get all the wonderful spring back this stuff overseas interference from Ukraine and Italy and places like that but what there was also another Attorney General there was a pointed out of America name you thank exactly what they want the world happened June burdening in order I'm just trying to figure out where to go to charge investigating what makes almost thirty important yeah and I never heard a restraining order what do you determine already thanks a lot more because things are really looking into criminal activity also what everyone here in the United States what happened to it why don't you vanish the records make you gotta wonder lot of the stories that do you want to just go away right right like I write about I don't even know I'm I'm not even sure about the name but in general and it was a pointed out of Atlanta he was a look it's domestic call we don't agree that there may have been criminal I think this was a and and he was supposed to bring forth reported it evidently had never made only maybe turn it into the inspector general and they just never said anything about what you would like to know who would you appoint somebody make a more saying well done March nobody knows it well I don't understand one of three quarters so quiet about what the Democrats are doing later but lynching of the president the two things thanks very brought forth to HM all I'm not even listed in the impeachment calls will be constitution forty say things that aren't reachable but I just went out made up their own there was a precocious certain back letting that happen one of the leading well the Democrats in the Congress one one tales of the Congress red out of the constitution and that really bothers me okay Mister summers thanks for taking my call good to hear from Glenn thanks so much for checking in you got it when you say not alarmed Hey what are you doing tonight not half bad this little bitty you shoulder I'm sorry I'll have to catch up on a podcast but Hey I was losing that crap last night on the on the TV this is a did you hear about representative Abraham out of Louisiana I believe that's his name or each power again let people she for some kind of a witch hunt on KROQ yeah he is I think he'd want her to step down and also that Cooper I do it is cool I like him he was saying that Nader we're talking about impeachment all curled before term was even elected and I just thought that was we're kind of ironic you know and re talking that showed up in Maine is absolutely right they're talking shop on impeachment that that wasn't even never brought up man and that was brought up last night in this house represent everyone or something like that right now yeah and well I get Cooper at guys always plain spoken he got he got so Pete off last night he just got about is your walk away and said you know I don't know if you watch desert I know I I I I watched some of the stuff like early era in mid day I I get to about two in the afternoon and I got on here gets a got to get some beauty rest so I know you're right that's what I had earlier we got well I got this guy down here border he's got some really super card I mean you got a hundred and forty five cars in this museum there were a ship and everyone of Linda errors owner to be sold at auction and then he turned around and he'll he'll buy new cars her cars and restock his museum backed up Hey does this all the time I don't think a boy doing now yeah this dude got millions of laying the box I mean he is but you know that it's an investment program Steve I mean you leave your money in the bank they're going to tax it and it's like the owner of the Utah Jazz I took him a call one time you get like four million one million for this car you're very rare card and I asked him that question and he told me money in the bank we're going to tax it you buy a car you pay sales tax on it you know the one time deal and then okay you don't pay nothing else and then when you get ready to sell it you put a reserve on it and you get your money back and I thought well that's a good way of doing it but that's why a lot of these people are buying used cars it's an investment for I never knew that so yeah her name but that I just kind of topic who Dave is it a brand is that right yeah and last name out Louisiana he to represent Abraham yeah I think it is a ram I haven't read and then I thought man they're going after these people label it's going to get ugly you know now you know Nancy Pelosi a going to step down that ain't going to happen it's she may be right she may be a tad bit worried about possibly losing her speakership overall this bull crap I think you're going months ago which you she was hesitant about proceeding with impeachment because she knew that it could ultimately backfire if they of course right if they lose the majority in the house which they could if they have any of this all unfolds is the way it it very well could she's not speaker anymore all so sad yeah I absolutely I mean you've actually got Democrats that heart is totally against this impeachment I mean I think it's a it's a it's great and not you know I'm just sitting here listening to it and that one guy ladders Jackson again says your your thank god of absolute moral I don't even know how he even got in there I mean they were coming out with more live each and and bringing up that stuff that Boeing was talking about and I just got tired list and diet during the crap all it odd that way how to get you can only that's what you know what was one of the one of my top stories last night was the stress of the holidays in the stress of politics you know the seventy percent of the people in this country say politics has them stressed right forty million dollars they spent over forty million dollars on this damn impeachment don't you think the Supreme Court which I hate I'm not sure now you know what that is like you said they they sent keeping quiet you know the needs to be done I mean it is is good now I handed that you watch next year W. jacket our taxpayers money up because of them Democrats that all those damn money on crap you know and how you can attack get on to the deficit you know well what's another trillion that's which is kind of a problem I mean are your debt continues to grow back into on America's talking network.

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