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To have a massive hotel, a conference centre and a million square feet of commercial space. And in a beautiful crystal clear, beautiful lagoon. Foraker Lagoon. It looks like a some kind of resort in the Caribbean. It looks like a tropical oasis. Really, I can't I can't get my head around that this is going to be in Leander, Texas. This is the second big project announced in that little corridor right there in the past month. That area is tapped to be incredible. Incredible growth in the next next year or 20. Yeah, very soon. This is this is totally transforming that area little sleepy Lander. Those days are long gone just around the corner from the Jeffries compound. It was a big deal when you moved there. That was big enough. I don't want to take credit. Just the knowledge of the that you Who had actually moved. It was like when Sandra Bullock moved to Austin. Sure, you know, we're all aflutter. It increased. Absolutely Same thing. Yeah, Paparazzi is notorious. Thank you started that way. But it's a It's a cool thing, man. There's a lot of growth come in that way. It's good to hear. You know that there's that there is some life economic life. After this pandemic, they're playing him. Let's squeeze in Jason in north Austin this morning, Jason, what's on your mind? Hey, good morning and happy Friday got back. I just wanted to quickly so disappointing to hear. I mean, another restaurant. Mother's going down over this and I, you know, and There's a lot of a lot of blame to go around because I know there were, you know, iconic restaurant closing already before the pandemic started due to not being ableto handle their taxes, just having operate so close to the margins, But and and, you know, And to me, it's just sad that are made Mayor Steve Adler Hey, should recognize this, he seems, seems unquote like an intelligent man. Oh, yeah, it was It got the intelligence, intelligent, Just emotional. Yeah, Yeah, Exactly. It is all emotion base and it is not. It's not based on fact, and it just It's terrible to see this. And I'm glad that Governor Abbott had put it on him for him to the side. If he wants to keep the city open or not, And I hope voters remember that. Yeah, I kind of wish the governor would just open things up and taking that out of the governor's. You know, Woodhouse, let us make up our own damn mind. It is said you see another restaurant. Mother's They've been here. 40. Years of shutting a door is one week from tomorrow, actually. You should go get yourself a good vegetable plate. You know, vegetables. Look at your skin Color's a little pale a little bit a little gray. You need a little love. Yeah, Yeah, a little bit. Maybe. Ah, you know the least that maybe they dio mashed potatoes. You know something like that If they get a big plate of mashed potatoes, you get your protein eating their per diem. They got protein in that menu at all. I'm sure they've got tofu. You get beans? Yeah, something like lagoons. Load up on some beans..

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