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Here with color with real estate with another entertaining and educational segment of Dad and daughter talk real estate. Obviously, I'm the dad John Harriet of Color. William's real estate full time Realtor, and I'm the daughter, Krista Kofi, and Welcome back, Gang folks. We do try to cover a lot of the things that are important to people thinking about buying and selling houses. But we can't cover everything we do. We do cover lots of generalities that are very, very important. But in really, really get yourself up to speed on what's needed to buy that house or sell your President House and make that move up by You really do need the advice of a professional realtor and I would love to be one of the Realtors that you interview for the job of representing you, either in buying your first house or making that move up by On the way to get in touch with me is to call her text to Chrissy, given the number 4845744088 has 484574408 Email also works and the best way to reach it by email is to do this one. John Mack h. Gmail dot com that J O h N N M A. C. K h at gmail dot com. Okay, Krissi. And what kind of questions? Have we gotten over this last week? From our cadre of listeners here you were saying before earlier, you were saying how the summertime real estate market really ramps up, And that is actually ramping up your emails as well to really jumped out at me, though, And the 1st 1 is from a very nice guy named Mike and he's got a really good question here in our area. Balcon Woods. Ah, hot area. And he's seeing real estate move right and left. But his big question is given that the numbers are all working in their favor. Why should I sell this summer? He's interested in selling and moving to a smaller house. He's getting ready to retire. Why should I sell this summer? Why not wait and maybe get an even better rate a better number next year? So why should he sell now? Instead of waiting till next year? Excellent question, Mike. And since you are downsizing instead of upsizing, maybe the correct answer to your question. Is you all the way till next summer? So I'm going to approach this question from two sides. I'm going to approach it from the side of a couple or a buyer who is thinking of selling their president, home and upsizing to the Dream house that I want to spend the next 10 20 maybe 25 years, raising their family and from the perspective of a person who is downsizing, So the biggest reason that you should Think about selling this summer is at Vire Demand is very, very strong in our area now. Now throughout our listening area, Chester, Delaware Bucks in Montgomery County's We are in almost every spot in what we call a seller's market. Now, Chrissy a seller's market Absolutely when the market is in the cellars favor when the seller can call the shots more with regards to pricing in terms everything along those lines exactly Right now, the actual drivers behind the seller's market are There's more buyers and sellers so therefore Finish in. There are more buyers than there are houses to meet the demand. Any time you've got more demand for something, Then there is inventory available to meet it. Chrissy what happens to prices? The prices go up. That's right, And that's what's happening in just about every spot in our area. Now. So one of the first things that your realtor ought to do when you contact with a realtor is and you decide to work with a particular realtor is that Realtor should make a determination. Are you in a seller's market like we are in most parts of our area? Where are you in a buyersmarket? Where there are more sellers and buyers and prices are actually going down there. Are you pretty much in her neutral market. And the answer to that question will impact on your marketing decision in a number of different ways. For the most part, we are in a seller's market for buyers out number of sellers, and there's upward pressure on prices. So the biggest reason that I would say and this fellow's name was Mike. Yes, OK, Mike, I would say the biggest reason to sell is that house They're selling quickly at this point in time. And while I expect that to be the case again next summer, and for several summers to come, you never know For sure It's right. Your conditions are ready to sell right now. But you know, maybe a year from now, family conditions by the change could be some medical emergencies could be something else happens and maybe the conditions wouldn't be as good for you to sell. So I would say the time to sell right now, probably the best thing for you because demand is high, and you're probably going to be able to sell that house quickly, especially Hey, if you get yourself a good realtor who prices the house property for you and please remember the advice Mike that I give people whenever they're thinking of using a realtor. I always say Christie and need to interview how many realtors? Well, you always say, interview at least three and you don't my responses and that's good advice. I'm not trying to say otherwise. But literally if you're selling or buying just called that it's going to save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle and you get the maximum price of your house. You gotta love it. I knew she was going to say that folks. That's why I asked her what I always say. Interview at least to Realtors, preferably three or four and the number two Reach for it for 5744088 or email John Mack H J O h N M. A. C. K h at gmail dot com or go to My website John period dot com That J O h and h e r r e i d dot com. Any one of those are going to put you in touch with me. And I would love to be one of the Realtors that you interviewed for the job of helping you by that first house or sell your house and make that move up by because In each of your family have changed, so biggest reason to sell our buyer. Demand will remain strong. Also, Mike, there's another good reason is right now there is less competition. Right now. I've said seller's market and most of the area and what that means is that there's less than a six month worth of inventory of houses available for sale. That's probably going to be the case again next year, but Hey, you never know Always time to strike. While the iron is hot, There is less competition. Now There's always That phrase keeps going through my head of bird in the hand's worth, two in the bush, like we can speculate all we want you on next year's numbers. But when you know the numbers are red hot this year and this summer, why not do that to take the plunge now?.

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