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I mean, the negative feedback WWE asks me to go in they said, look would you like to come do commentary for main event, I said, I would love to do commentary. Of course, I'll do that anytime you want. And so I go in and they say, you know, don't worry. We don't want you to be a WWE commentator. We don't want you to be that. You know, we want you to go on be Sam Roberts and simply give your opinion. That's all just give your opinion. Don't worry about trying to sound like anything, you're not, you know, you're a guest here. You've never been in the Rangers go on. And let us know what you think of the people that are in the ring and what they're doing. So I went in there. And I said not the most nice things flattering things in the world about Dana, Brooke and her wrestling abilities. Look, I didn't realize it was. Grime for Dana brook to not be your favorite WWE superstar in the world. If you're not rooting for Dana brook, then all of a sudden this is, you know, this is catastrophic. I had no idea the delicate nature. I know I DEA That the. the the people watching would be so sensitive, so so delicate. That so fragile frail that this would be an issue. You know, I was accused of everything in the book that I was disrespectful to Dana. Brooke I was accused of being a misogynist. The apparently, I only run my mouth on the women of the WWE. They brought up Bianca Bel Air. Again. Look a couple of things number one. I'm not apologizing to Dana broke the same way. Didn't apologize to Bianca BelAir? Okay. The day that a person cannot go behind a microphone in the WWE and speak their mind about what they're seeing is the day that maybe I'm not the guy that should be behind a microphone the only reason to put a microphone in front of my face is because you want to hear what my opinion is. So that's what you're gonna get every time. There's a microphone in front of my face as far as the accusations of misogyny. That's just absurd absurd. I mean, anybody that thinks I haven't gone after people the Bianca Bel Air. Dana, brooke. Yes, I've also gone after Finn Ballard I've gone after Johnny Gargano I've gone after Matt riddle. I said Seth Rollins at zero chance of win. I said all kinds of stuff..

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