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They can. Part of failure. I'm your host Steve Friedman. Thanks for tuning in. Yes. This is art of failure the podcast that explores what it means to fail as a human person. We all try so hard not to fail on a daily basis. And we also forget on a daily basis that failure is part of life, and that we can use failure as a catalyst for growth and movement towards bigger. And better things guys today, we have one of those awesome supermodels from the nineteen nineties berry Smith, very started modeling shoes. Seventeen and was sent to Paris where success follow she worked with fashion icons, such as Bruce Weber her Brits, Arthur Elgort, Michael Thompson. Steven Klein, Peter Lindbergh, and many more barriers appeared on the covers of and workman, countless magazines, including American British talian and French vogue as well as L Laurie. Claire glamour and caused. Politics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight buried appeared in her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, two thousand twelve appeared on E television, scouted mentoring young models, and she continues to mentor young folks getting into the fashion industry today. She is a working model, and she spoke to me about that career growing older and how she shot herself in the foot again. And again, listen up. It's so good to see you. Thank you so much doing this. Thanks for having me. Awesome. To have you here. How are you? I'm amazing realty grateful. That's the admiring the name of this podcast, especially our of failure. Because I just think that that's a powerful phrase Arte failure. I think there is art in it. I think there's art in the recovery from it. It's interesting is positive, and I think to use the word art, I think there's art in lots of things, and I was sort of brought up. No art is art art is Moller or Van Gogh or dealiest or Shakespeare. But nothing else is art that I fell in love with all these other things like sports, and the and all these other things and found art in them. So I think that there is art in failure. And the people that I'm talking to and you included successful people. How do we use failure? As a catalyst. How do we use failure to come back from get over? Deal with allow it to be there the duality of it. So anyway, Where'd you? Grow up, you grew up civic north west northwest. Beautiful. What was that like great? I was in the suburbs. Head grass. I you know, I had a great childhood. I mean, you know, a little bit of disruption when the divorce happened. All ten early failures for you like, do you? Remember some early things. Maybe maybe your parents. My mom considered getting pregnant eighteen not necessarily fell yer, but it wasn't spoken about their failures. And I don't remember hearing a lot about especially not for my dad. Okay. But yeah, I mean, every family has failures dark skeletons in the closet. Yeah. For sure. I would say, you know, what when I was twelve thirteen. I was big track are very into long jump and high jump, and and excelled, and I qualified for the national the national meat, and I went, and I did my poorest performance ever because of nerves I was super super nervous. And I gave my the worst jump ever placed thirteenth now at the end of your career. Not quite it's winding down because I became more interested in extracurricular activities, right? The teen different. Gotta Hijau different. Kinda high jump pie. Yeah. That happens at that age to to a lot of people. Yeah. Okay. And in a very young age, you were tapped to go to Paris and get the modeling can just talk a little bit about that the beginning of your modeling career. And what your feelings were about all that stuff as a kid. So yes, fifteen I was seventeen seventy so after high school I finished high school kind of tumultuous path of high school made it through and then all through my life people. It said you're so photogenic you should model. I had no academic ambition. So I just wanted to travel really wanted to see the world. So I said, you know, let me get this modeling shop. So I went to agency. And they said sure you could work agency in the Pacific actually well in Oregon. Yeah, they have agencies all these small cities looking for local girl next door. Well, there's local work to those local department stores as nineteen eighty nine different. But they still exist and these smaller markets, and so I started working, and then they. They said do you want to go to Paris? I have a scout this interested in new scout meaning agency there that's interested in you. And I went and I got out of Salem through modeling. Seventeen seventy to graduate high school. What was tumultuous about high school? Well, I other than the normal things that high school is go through right? Yeah. Yeah. Growing up is challenging sometimes you know, I'd like to drink like to experimental lot. So I took that path. And I I wrote it real hard long time and.

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