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My goodness are you serious well both X. had no business through the football right there he just threw it up for grabs and Seth Williams I believe it was just made a circus catch matched up again was Dingli both right there that would like to give a jackpot you play on the beach as a kid though the ball up in Dallas you territory at the forty four a thirty four yard circus job while again no business throwing them focus on the next running out of bounds to his left turn right and just threw it up for grabs and Seth Williams able come down with it this is a luxury of having a six six three two to twenty times cheaper the second is not an official one your role the Appalachians mixers experienced rules right side caught by William flag down room to run down the sideline to twenty and then tackle by dealt with the sixteen garland was definitely come back they're gonna get up one side blog here by myself the receiver there on Jacob Phillips the linebacker was nice design of the play but it's so they're trying to take out of the game there is a looks like delta is now down along the sideline there were well away from the initial flag but maybe on the tackle went down hard that's a guy you certainly don't want to lose personal files to make a one time log office number eighty three seven am still.

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