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My citizens, my constituents to vote in the presidential election and let's be clear. That's exactly what this objection is about. It's what it would do it would overturn the results. The presidential election of Pennsylvania, and it would thereby deny Pennsylvania's voters the opportunity to even participate in the presidential election. The Senate voted 92 to 7 against the objection. The house that was 282 to 138 against the objection to Pennsylvania certification. The two chambers then convened together again, and Pence returned to the task of opening the certificates of electoral votes from them remaining states, presenting them to the appointed tellers from the House and Senate in alphabetical order. After hours of roll calls and debate, he announced the contest winners Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamila Harris. Formalizing Hiss and Trump's defeat. Proton protest took place around California yesterday, hundreds of people gathered outside the Capitol building and in downtown Sacramento, eventually drawing counter protesters. Gathering officially ended mid afternoon, though there was a heavy police presence and some skirmishes between the different groups, local media reported. 11 arrests in Los Angeles police declared an unlawful assembly after small crowds of pro and anti trump protesters threw punches during protests. Outside city home about 300 pro trump. Demonstrators rallied in San Diego in humble county to the far north. The local Democratic Party headquarters was vandalized. Yes. Today in an incident believed linked to the mob attack on the Capitol in Washington. This is the Pacific. A Evening news on KPFK, Berkeley. Kippy of Cake. Los Angeles, KFC, A Fresno. I'm Eileen Alphandery..

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