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Ed So we really are you talking a macro dosing level or you talk about the road dosing. Like how do you function like you. He actually sounds like you're functioning in a higher level at macro dosing and a Lotta Times I I'm laid out on the couch or something you know certainly and if I'm home along long like a Julia and the baby left a couple of months ago and I ate one. I got these little heart chocolates. That are real nice. Now how homogeneous the batch was the guy's a really good friend but he's worth eight one the other day when I was home alone and it was like curl I was curled up on the ground like uncontrollable tears. Coming out. Happy but like that happened to me when I'm in the social situation so I'll usually start out now with you know maybe half Graham now people know that I can see much so they make a point to try to bring me their best mushroom so like in Vegas. The very first thing thing I did when I got to the trade show Biz. Khan was one of the busy booth. And there's a guy there he's like feature. You gotTa try my pin like start off all of that. And then he's like here. I got capsules. Mushin capsule say a couple of those started that day off with a half. Gram a mushroom that much rips on the deep by the time I left the conference I'd is like two grams. And then I got to the event in a at least another two or three grams that night and never felt the crazy mushroom role just just felt like exponential joy building around all these people and then more people and more more friends more connections and I see other people building connections and then it's just like dope. Do you ever do you ever microdosing all. Yeah for sure like a small little bites off these so my partner partner Julia ground up a bunch of them and she's got kind of like a measured dose. That is her microdosing. Mine is much less accurate. I just take like a little nibble awfulness police chocolates. I got and go for. I have another another friend that makes a mushroom blends. That's got commences in it. But then it's not like fifteen other like Rishi Lien's main court sun and on and on and then a little bit of honey in a little bit of cocoa powder and it's Kinda like paste and I'll take like a little scooper in the morning and that's really nice the lion's Mane with the Commence is a strong NUTRO BEC- drug for for sure I can. I can tell a noticeable difference in my cognitive function when I have a little bit of those two mushrooms combined really. Wow so it is. Is it something you try to do regularly then like I mean I definitely do. Yeah and I you know Paul Damn. It says that you're supposed to all the mushroom. You guys are kind of like working towards their what they think is the right of of of doing them and then taking a slow break doing them taking a small break now. What that means each person this kind of subject to figure out your own and I don't even try to keep track of it? I just do them as I feel like you know I'll. I'll eat mushrooms seven days in a row and then take a week off and then eat them two or three more days in a row and take a day a off whatever just kind of float. Co feels the same amount that you're so you should take. You're not right right. That's and that's why I ask people just curious I read some books on microdosing but You know there's a lot of different information out there. I say it's very it's like food and it's all independent. You know you can read all you want but it's really what what works for you know. Nobody's going to be able to tell you what's best for yourself. You're the only one that can tell you that apps absolutely and I'm not the type I've really never micro dosed and usually when I sit down and do mushrooms. It's you know seven plus grams. I usually like to you all. That's why I'm usually lay down on the couch. Seven plus you get pretty lethargic and Also get down there. You almost feel like you're drunk almost But living in the Pacific northwest especially in Washington. I know at least here but there. You must have a lot of wild mushrooms men an anywhere and this is the craziest year ever seen like Shantelle season starting in the middle of the summer. And we're picking them right at the Christmas. I've never seen gene normally Sanchez's like October November. And you're done and like it was the this year we had like six months insurance. He's never seen anything like all. The old locals are like. Yeah this is the best year crocheting travelers ever been So it was pretty crazy and we have the whole mix everything I have yet to find any liberty caps. I'm sure I've seen them I've you you know what I mean on the field. I'm always looking at all the different mushrooms. I just have never been with someone that can either. And it's such a strange. It looks like so many other ones. There's so many little brown much that I'll look insane so I need someone to really come out and say for sure. This is it and once I see one with somebody that knows what they're talking about that had good at it that's how we got into servicing. The local mushrooms is moved out here and let's roll it back. I grew up in Tacoma in the suburbs like no experience with farming. Very little experience with being you know in the nature in the wild we went camping and whatnot and I was in the boy scouts but not like this not like living on a on a farm living in the woods so we cannot here although locals that we made friends with like. Oh yeah the. The mushrooms are really good at here. And we're like fuck. Does that even mean. How do you of mushrooms are going to kill you? You're going to die Mush so join a mushroom club up in Olympia Olympia and that just change everything. We'd go on these trips these excursions and we'd go mushroom hunting. All over the place inside salary learned so now I can identify all the common edibles I can identify. Identify the AMANITA. Zor Easy but I know which Amanita you can harvest The Museum Crumlin while they're the ones that will kill you so enough that we are harvesting healthy amount of our food in the fall for mushrooms for sure. Now you just briefly mention the Amanita you get those on your property. Eighty those grow. Yeah Yeah we get a Tan down here on the Oregon coast third yellows wherever you're hub at dude in in this. There's a big range in the North Northern Hemisphere and southern hemisphere all the way around the world that grows AMANITA. Is there like a universal mushroom. That's twice so many cultures have stories at Lee back to these images and they are strongly strongly like narcotic it would be the term impermissible but Kinda not narcotic but also listen hallucinogenic He's got this weird one and then the problem with Amanita is a guy. I lieutenant acid that you need to D- he car in a D carved into more mutable dependent acids the the it's relatively toxic. You're you're not gonNa have time if you just eat. AMANITA is but if you extract those is to compounds and reduce it down to the crude oil and then heated up for a while. You can D- carpet just like you. D carb the acid group off of the the the you can do the same thing that attendance acid carbon useful and then that that is a a decent plant psychedelic. I have some the highest in refined product. I have not eaten it yet. So you've actually gotten it refined. Yeah Oh yeah so when the when the deer eating them. That's when I go out and harvest Emma. I heard lower that ear eating at that was when most of it Naturally D. Card so it was better to eat The next step is to drink the deer piss. But that's not my style so see I was I was gonna say we just covered this on one of our episodes and Yeah it seems like that's the way to go. Just have someone you know. Be The be the fall guy and just drink their piss. I started thinking about that. What does that even fucking me like? I got cows on CNN piss. There's never been a time where the faced in a spot where I thought I could just go scoop up some. It's like dirt dirt or the cowboys on. I don't understand how you're going to be drinking. They must have had some kind of relationship with these deer. Man and like the J.. The plant whisper the guy with all the deer he could drink AMANITA probably cut them. They'd be stoked here. Goes there thank you close with them. Yeah good friends with the year to drink their piss so it sounds like it's something that you are going to try this Amanita the there's lots of drugs that eventually WANNA try. I've got a nice little stockpile of some of them just the time from the place. He might've my biggest fear with these drugs is that I take one minute. Drastically changes my outlook on life. And I really like where I am right now multiple times. I've had invites go do Iowa and I'm like first of all. I don't have the time for a multiple day trip like that but second of all I don't want I'm I'm afraid of what's what my brain's rain's GonNa do on that it's GonNa it's GonNa tell me like all right fuck all this cold weather go through the whole time you know you can start over here not too but it's like no no no uh this is not the right well. You never know what's going to tell you. I guess I've had some revelations myself you don't have Cubans. He's out there with call them. Cows pooping I don't think menzies okay. Okay I don't know I do know that. We have places in Oregon that people find him but Not as southern Oregon of it's up by Albany and and Eugene area I again I I need to go with someone and the mushroom club was a great place to Fi- find people people that eat psychedelic mushrooms. Surprisingly just a bunch of Weirdos that are in Russia was very very taboo to talk about it which is kind of like this pointing. That was the reason I would not before we get off the AMANITA. How you said you knew how to find them or pick the right one and he? Yeah Oh yes easiest. One Yep red with white dots. There's also some overlap into amity like Penn Thera which is when you definitely don't Wanna eat bread and the yellows and oranges and the red one even a bread disappear can fade into orange. Sometimes and the white DOTS will wash off. Because it's part of the Vail and that's where people really fuck up with eating Amazon. Is They pick them when they're really small and they had ah just barely come out of the ground and they're like a little white puffball looking thing and most of the Amanita look like that when they come up so you can very easily fuck up by by picking them right then and so all of this mosquito when really. It's like Dane like death cabin overnight Ed. So just waiting 'til they're big and read with their white dots. You'RE NOT GONNA go wrong. It's it's like the most universally recognised mushroom honor. Yeah absolutely Bario knew that we'll funny enough. It said that you have sensations of a feeling big and small when you're on these mushrooms and we talked about how he turns into super. Mario grows big big little correlation. It's interesting Oh yeah dude is like yes I was getting high on. AMANITA has come on the story from a friend of a good plotline right right right so Mushrooms now is that something that obviously mushrooms are a huge huge thing for Trees and bushes. I mean these things running these Michael Rizal networks are are huge. Now obviously. That's part of permaculture. Yes so the way that we INTERF- interface with that is yes. I don't know if you saw but I just bought a brand new tractor partially the tax write-off but also I need need a bigger tractor to run my wood chipper so I could stop renting chippers and small actor chipper..

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