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Does that that good in ear me. He i can hear you. Can you still hear static. I will clean it up. Don't worry about it okay. The recording inside. Because it's way too cold out in our fucking garage and our cat inaugur yet into eight florida. Okay you got your was wrong touching my flu shot. Don't touch your flu. You're such a warm. Yeah it's a flu shot they now. I'm freezing. I'm touching it because i'm freezing and it's warm up your ridiculous ridiculous person. I'm cool her ridiculous. I wasn't doing that because being a baby. It's putting off heat. And i'm cold gonna put off enough heat to warm you up. Its mooring my hand. Jesus christ i'm kevin. I'm stephanie to open a fucking book so let's just get it on the subject of our first series two thousand twenty one. Thank god twenty twenty over even though twenty twenty one getting off to just iraq at start yes so maybe listening to Sorry about authors and shit is gonna be your Escape from realism. Maybe we'll kafar archaic farces partisan or it's going be good barred tetrarch cathartic parking bar here on a book podcast The subject of our first series of twenty twenty one with a southern american novelist She wrote short stories. Essays book reviews. She's an editor a cartoonist. The self publisher that used her irish catholic faith as a backdrop to the majority of her stories Being what some would call the gold standard of introverts. She never had a problem going against society's norms just to be comfortable and left alone yeah with her love of writing drawing and making little clothes for her many pet birds she took the little literary world by storm being called by many a genius and the next important writer of her generation up until a horrible and mysterious disease which we have just recently started to fully understand. Cut her down early in life. What you the listener will have to decide for yourself is was she racist she was a southerner a white southerner so yes she was racist with. We will give you our thoughts after the series is through. I don't need to wait so sit back. Keep running on that treadmill or keep folding laundry. Whatever the fuck you're doing right now because this is the author of the violent barrett away a good man is hard to find you can't be any poorer than dead and probably most famous book wise blood. This is the life of flannery. O'connor irish an irishwoman. Well a southern irishwoman. So bill irish. She still hirsch now for our reference for the series is flannery. A life of flannery o'connor by brad gooch it's It's it's a decent book you know for not so spoiler. She doesn't live a super long life and he still manages to write up early. Good sized book this all right. Well let's get into it so mary flannery o'connor yes another mary autumn. Mary's a lot of mary's off fannies. Yeah when they when they write biographies about our generation of authors. There's going to be so many different fucking wait till the next generation of authors shutdown it. Anyway mary flannery o'connor was born march. Twenty fifth nineteen twenty five at the saint joseph's hospital in savannah georgia the only child to edward and regina o'connor we do all is skipped an old family now. Edward francis o'connor junior was born in eighteen ninety six the oldest of eight children pretty common for a irish catholic family. I think yeah yeah He went to The benedictine college in savannah and mount saint. Mary's college in ms berg maryland so he did a good amount of traveling for his school which is kind of odd for beckham mia early early nineteen hundreds and for those of you who don't know about catholicism. I do believe they. They don't believe in using birth control and contraception of any kind. Yeah and that's why they have so many children you know He tried to get into annapolis but was shitty at math and was enabled. Mary is also bad. She's good at other things though so after college he served in the georgia national guard for may nineteen sixteen to august nineteen seventeen and then was deployed overseas from april nineteen eighteen to may nineteen nineteen and a three hundred and twenty fifth infantry and the eighty second division of the american expeditionary force in world war what he was awarded the rank of second lieutenant world war one victory medal and a victory. But i like. I don't think it's the same kind of fun i know. It's it's a much more important hard to get button than the ones we have like on my lunch. Box or my collection your collection He was the grandson of an irish immigrant. And the son of a wholesale distributor of candies and tobacco. Make sure you don't mix those opening song. We might get tobacco and vegetables and tobacco tomatoes tobacco. yeah And was the one time president of the people's bank and the director of the high beardie. The hibernia back now. Ed was working as a salesman for his father's company and trying to break into real estate and rebounding from an unhappy love affair when at his younger sister ann's wedding. He met the pretty heart-shaped faced older sister of his new brother-in-law regina klein. Yes he marries. The older sister of his younger sister's husband keeping it in the family. Kinda i mean. There's i guess roy so it's fine. It's just it's an odd thing. Yeah 'cause usually you don't it's like but it's one irish catholic family marrying into another irish catholic family so big. They try to keep everybody together. I guess a catholic parents don't usually like their children mary. Outside of the faith like jewish bare said on it because it's like when To young adults are dating and then their parents me in their parents start dating and then they get married john. Now you're all sudden your your buccaneers stepsister. Yeah and you're quick. Do you keep coming to knew each other longer yet. That's it's again not technically incest. Yeah that the porn industry's made a lot of money out of it. I how would you know before i met you. But i mean it's it's not kind of weirdness because you're technically related. You're kinda cousins now. It's.

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