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Damage Preston hollow area near royal suffered some severe problem we got into our closet and very scary lasted for probably a minute or two and a number of houses are totally destroyed this morning with a walking around it's terrible so many people lost their homes many homes in the area code without roofs there are downed power lines on the roads up rooted trees falling on the homes and streets storm left more than a hundred thousand people without power and encores says it's crews have been working on it since it was safe to do so no one was killed by the tornadoes but there were a number of injuries mostly due to flying broken glass no official total damage estimate yet either that will take some time time for a look at five seventy K. all I ever right now traffic and with that here's Dave Allen northbound seventy five central expressway you're running into storm damage delays just before northwest highway over to royal lane southbound traffic it is jammed between six thirty five and forest lane that accident northbound on the tollway just before beltline road has been cleared of cell phones for for waited Mary field there's an overturned eighteen Wheeler the right lane is blocked in the exit ramp is shut down traffic is jammed approaching keys Boulevard would give ally up right now traffic I'm Dave Allen now you five seventy K. ally of news and information forecast it'll be sunny rest of the afternoon high temperatures seventy.

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