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You feel connected with the world around you. So it's not so much about. You and your preferences, and your more ego Centric qualities, but rather it is about you feeling as though you're an integral part of the world around. You were you contribute? You have a purpose in your life. That has meaning. You may have been drawn to meditation because you could feel as though your life didn't have much Meany, and you could have been in a lot of pain because of that. And so when you reach a higher state of consciousness and meditation is one of the best ways to do that. So you are in the right place doing the right thing for yourself. Sometimes when people sit down to meditate, they may feel a sense of disappointment. As though that didn't really do anything for me, or I wasn't really feeling anything. Win. You let go of a focus on your own needs, and your preferences and your likes and dislikes you allow yourself to open up to a higher level of consciousness, and this will give you a deeper more meaningful experience of meditation. So every day this week in this series. You are going to discover a meditation technique, you can do as you meditate or even as you go about your day taking this technique off your meditation cushion or chair and to your day to day life. And as you go through this series. You will open up to new possibilities for yourself may. Maybe a new way to approach not only your meditation ritual by. The way you may think about your life. So so this series will take you more deeply in word as you're guided to a higher state of consciousness this week. I'll be sharing at different meditation technique with you each day here on the podcast. And if you want the full guided meditations where you can meditate for up to half an hour. I wanna let you know, you can find those on.

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