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Summit Avenue in St Paul he's been quarantined there after coming into contact with someone who had the cold at nineteen virus he said that Minnesotans are United in their fight against covert nineteen and that as a state people will come together work together medically and otherwise to stop the spread treat those who are sick and rebuild ricotta recut rebuild after this culvert nineteen pandemic is on over and walls today sending a letter to president trump requesting a major disaster declaration to authorize emergency protective measures including direct federal assistance to combat coal that nineteen the funding would help mitigate the pandemic's impact on public health state resources on employment and community infrastructure such as health care facilities there is a great sense of community and camaraderie from the house and Senate in Minnesota a message from the US Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka he posted a four minute video on YouTube head of the governor's state of the state talking about what he said is his support for the commander in chief and we'll have a listen to that here M. four minutes talk from speaker is Alka good afternoon time Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka I'm giving you a message in front of the governor's state of the state speech tonight and I want to say that that speech is given tonight is maybe the one of the most important ones that he's going to be giving as governor of Minnesota has gone through a very very difficult time as as the whole country and world for that matter and we have to face this thing together not Democrat or Republican it's Americans together fighting this and so we want the governor to be successful and we want the president to be successful it doesn't matter where the Republicans or Democrats they have to succeed so we'll do everything we can to help our governor succeed and I think as he lays out his plan tonight.

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